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Not all working conditions are created equal: how to earn more for a trucker in the USA

The profession of a truck driver (truck driver) is not only a job, but also a way of life. As in any other profession, it has its own nuances, pros and cons.

Photo: from the personal archive of drivers of Energy Trucking LLC

Let's figure it out in order.

So, meet: truckers. Representatives of one of the most severe professions of our time. As a rule, serious, reserved people work here.

A trucker is, first of all, a hard worker who spends most of his life on the road. Pampered comrades like "office worker-plankton" are not tolerated here.

Trucking is considered a highly paid job, but the income received depends on many factors: on the economic situation in the country and specific states; difficulty of the route; characteristics of the cargo; truck ownership; and also from the choice of the company.

Usually the amount of earnings looks more than worthy. There are three trucker programs in the United States:

  • Company Drivers - company driver working on a truck provided by a trucking company;
  • Owner Operator - the owner of his truck, concluding a contract with a freight company;
  • Lease Owner Operator - a driver who leases a truck from a company and concludes a contract.

Now, in detail about each of the points, pros and cons, advantages and earnings.

Photo: from the personal archive of drivers of Energy Trucking LLC

Company Drivers

The main advantage of this work format is that the company pays such expenses as:

  • broken track;
  • fuel;
  • all toly;
  • insurance.

Salaries are mainly calculated per miles, sometimes a flat rate, and in rare cases a combined one. The latter option, for example, is used in a company Energy Trucking LLCwhere the weekly salary for Team Company Drivers is $ 4000 + $ 0,80 per mile over 5 miles. Working in a team - in a team - is more profitable than solo (alone). This way the truck can travel more miles and thus increase its earnings. If you do not have a reliable partner for work, then Energy Trucking will pick him up. Company Drivers have fixed days off.

Owner Operator

The main advantage for drivers who own their own trucks is the high gross income and earnings. Their salary directly depends on the choice of the company: on how the company is able to provide cargo with high rates and what percentage it takes for its services. Also, the driver's income depends on the state of prices in the market.

В Energy Trucking LLC owner operators receive from $ 7 to $ 000 in net income per week. This is with a deduction of 13% dispatch fee (gross from $ 000 to $ 12). A plus in this format of work is the ability to take a weekend at any time convenient for the driver and choose from the offered cargo. But the driver pays for the costs of repairing the truck, fuel, oil and insurance.

Lease Owner Operator

Same scheme as Owner Operator, but added weekly truck rental payment. The advantage here is that if you do not have the opportunity to buy a new comfortable truck with all the equipment, then you can definitely get it in rent.

You can make good money in any format, the main thing is to choose the right company. But in addition to good earnings, you also need to feel comfortable, so you need to choose the format of work on the track, starting from your priorities.

Company Drivers: if you choose a company with a fixed salary, then there will be no dependence on market conditions, that is, the driver will receive a stable and guaranteed income. There are no problems with securing the truck and paying for insurance, fuel, etc. So if you are not used to taking risks and stability is your priority, then this is the best option for you.

Owner Operator: high earnings, but also high responsibility. Scheme: you bought a truck, found a reliable company for cooperation, you regulate your schedule yourself, you are responsible for the truck and all payments are borne by yourself.

Lease Owner Operator: high earnings and responsibility. Scheme: I found a reliable company for cooperation with a convenient licensing program, you regulate your schedule yourself, you are responsible for the truck and all payments yourself.

The choice is yours. Good luck on the road!

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