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Expedia Reveals the Best Days to Book Cheap Flights and Other Budget Travel Hacks

Sunday is the cheapest day to book flights for the second year in a row, reports MyNorthwest.

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Expedia released its annual air travel report in partnership with the company, which has access to all airline tickets sold throughout the year worldwide.

“This means we can look at millions of flights and find travel hacks,” said Expedia spokeswoman Christy Hudson. “So the magic day of the week to book is Sunday.”

According to Expedia, this has been the case for two years in a row.

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“Friday is actually the most expensive day of the week,” Hudson said. — On average, data shows that travelers save about 13% when booking on a Sunday rather than a Friday. People simply don't book flights on Sundays as often as they do on Monday mornings for work or travel."

Hudson also said domestic flights should be booked 28 days in advance. Travelers saved up to 24% by purchasing tickets four weeks before their departure date, compared to those who booked at the last minute. When it comes to international airfare, Hudson said the optimal period is two to four months.

“It's all about demand. The more people book, the more the prices reflect that demand,” Hudson said.

While booking a flight on a Sunday is one of the best ways to save money, flying on a Sunday is not.

“Start your trip on a Wednesday or Thursday rather than on the weekend and you'll save 15 to 17%,” she said.

The Expedia study also found that there are better times to travel.

“Taking a morning flight is much smarter than taking an afternoon flight because you're 15% less likely to be on a canceled or delayed flight before 00 p.m.,” Hudson said.

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