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Free beer and a silent hairdresser: a barbershop in San Francisco has introduced a new interesting service

New San Francisco barbershop offers silent haircuts so you never have to talk to your hairdresser and free beer, reports SfStandard.

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At Beyond the Pale in the Mission District, you don't have to say a word, according to barbershop owner Anthony Larrasquito, thanks to a new "silent mode" service designed specifically for shy techies and drug addicts.

“Ultimately, it is about freedom of choice. You can choose what you want,” Larrasquitou said.

While many of his clients say they come to the barbershop for the camaraderie, Larrasquitou said he sees the "quiet mode" service as a necessary part of the welcoming atmosphere. Larrasquitou said he got the idea when he realized that many of his tech clients weren't interested in small talk.

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He said some people had just finished work — or eaten too many weed gummies — and would rather plug in their Airpods than talk.

“For me, as a hairdresser, I talk 10 hours a day,” Larrasquitou said. “So, I understand. Sometimes when I go out, I just don't want to talk to anyone."

The barbershop, which opened in February, also offers free beer and the option to leave without paying a dime if you can hit the bull's-eye on the dart board that hangs at the far end of the barbershop.

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Larrasquito, the son of immigrant parents, his Cambodian mother, Mexican father, started cutting his hair in 2016 using Walmart clippers.

He said it's still a hobby for him, even though he has about 350 regular customers who come from all over the state to get appointments.

"He's just very talented," said Joel Yawili, who was at the barbershop for a haircut. “I wouldn’t trust anyone with my hair.”

During the pandemic, Larrasquito worked out of his garage. Prior to that, he was a barber at a now-closed San Francisco barbershop just down the street. Customers who have been to the barbershop said they come to Beyond the Pale to avoid the "factory" feel of other San Francisco barbers.

“Many of the hairdressers here are not like traditional hairdressers. It's a business,” said longtime client Eli AK. “Such barbershops definitely make you feel different.”

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While visiting a local barbershop traditionally involves a good conversation, Larrasquitou said he is committed to creating an experience for all of his clients, even the socially withdrawn ones.

"I'd rather we were both on the same page," Larrasquitou said. "If you don't want to talk, it's all right."

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