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Elon Musk gave birth to his 11th child: what do the children of a billionaire do?

52-year-old American billionaire Elon Musk and his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Canadian singer Grimes (Claire Boucher), became parents for the third time. This is Musk’s 11th child, reports “Фокус".

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According to a review of Musk’s biography entitled “Elon Musk,” which was written by American writer and journalist Walter Isaacson, the entrepreneur and singer became the parents of their third child together. Isaacson followed the billionaire for two years. The biography is due to be published on September 12.

The estranged couple had a son named Techno Mechanicus, "Tau". There are no details about the child's birthplace. The boy became Musk's eleventh child.

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The Nevada billionaire's firstborn died in childhood.


The first-born son of millionaire and Canadian writer Justin Wilson, named Nevada, was born in 2002. Then Elon had just founded his company SpaceX.

The name of the businessman’s first son is rarely mentioned in the media, because Nevada died 10 weeks after his birth. The cause was sudden infant death syndrome, reports “Today".

Griffin and Xavier

After the tragedy in 2004, Musk and Wilson decided to resort to IVF. This is how twins were born - Griffin and Xavier.
Griffin Musk followed in his father's footsteps and is now also engaged in scientific activities. The son of a businessman does not maintain social networks and rarely appears at public events, so there is little information about his personal life.

But Xavier has serious differences with his father. Recently, Musk's 18-year-old son announced his gender change. According to Vivian (Xavier's new name), he wants nothing to do with his biological father.

Damian, Saxon and Kai

Elon and Justin didn't stop at two sons. After a while, the couple tried the IVF procedure again, and it was successful. In 2006, three more sons appeared in the Musk family - Damian, Saxon and Kai.

Now the boys are 17 years old and they also do not strive for popularity. Children spend most of their time studying at school and education.

An interesting story about triplets was told by a nanny who once looked after them. According to the girl, Damian, Saxon and Kai shocked her with their behavior and unusual request.

The nanny said that the boys were very polite and asked her to order food from a special health food store. As the girl noted, at their age, Musk’s sons take their health very seriously and carefully choose foods in their diet.

X Æ A-12 (Ex Ash A-Twelve)

This is not a set of characters, but the name of Elon Musk's sixth child. In 2020, Musk and singer Grimes had a son, who was named X Æ A-12. The boy's name shocked the whole world.

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As the couple explained, X stands for unknown variable; Æ - from the fictional Elvish language, it is translated as both “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “love”. A-12 is a reference to the American Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance aircraft.

As a result, the boy’s name was recorded in the documents as Ex Ash Hey-Twelve. After all, according to the law in the United States, it is prohibited to use characters from another language for documents.

Exa Dark Sieræl

On his seventh child, Musk decided that he needed to be creative to the fullest. If you thought the name Xavier or Saxon was unusual, then ask what Exa Dark Sidereal thinks. This is the name of the only daughter of the inventor.

The girl was born in December 2021 from a surrogate mother.

“Exa” refers to the supercomputing term exaFLOPS, “Dark” means “unknown”. And “Sideril” is a more “elven” spelling of Sideræl, “the true time of the universe, sidereal time, space time, and not our relative earthly time.”

When the inventor's daughter was born, Musk and Grimes were no longer together.


Elon Musk has become father of twins from one of his top managers a few weeks before he gave birth to Siderel.

The mother of the twins is 36-year-old Siobhan Zilim from Canada, who worked at one of Musk’s companies, Neuralink. She served as the company's chief operating officer.

In April 2022, Musk and Zilis filed a petition to change the twins' names so that "they would have their father's last name."

Zilis, who was born in Ontario, Canada, met Musk through OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research and deployment organization that Musk founded in 2015. She studied economics and philosophy at Yale University, where she was a goalie on the women's ice hockey team.

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In 2015, Zilis was included in the Forbes "30 under 30" list in the venture capital category, and in 2017 she got the opportunity to use her AI experience at Tesla.

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