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Treasures from the attic: how much you can earn by selling old gadgets

Sometimes the things we hold on to actually only have sentimental value. In other cases, items such as old school gadgets can be worth a surprising amount of money, reports GoBankingRate.

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“Vintage electronics are suddenly back in fashion. Who would have thought? People seem to be rediscovering the charm of technology from the past, and I find that absolutely fascinating. It's not just collectors and enthusiasts who get involved in the buying and selling—everyday people may have treasures hidden away gathering dust in their attics,” said Thomas Paddock, consumer trends analyst, shopping expert and founder of Learn Retail Arbitrage.

Original Apple iPod

“Take the original Apple iPod for example,” Paddock said. “This is a hallmark of the digital music revolution and its value has increased dramatically over time. It's amazing to think that these pristine gadgets, tucked away and forgotten, can now fetch a whopping $20. Even heavily used ones can fetch a decent amount of $000 to several thousand dollars."

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Nintendo Game Boy

“A beloved Nintendo Game Boy that you might find hidden in a closet can cost anywhere from $50 to $3000,” Paddock shared. “It’s all thanks to a combination of nostalgia and the gadget’s iconic place in the gaming world.”

Sony Walkman TPS-L2

“It's a little gem from the '80s,” Paddock said. “It made music portable for everyone. It can fetch anywhere from $500 to $2500 if it’s in good condition.”

Vintage rotary phones

“Vintage rotary phones, with their charming aesthetics, can also find new owners for $50 to $500,” Paddock said.

Original Polaroid instant cameras

“The resurgence of instant photography has increased the value of original Polaroid instant cameras, which can sell for between $50 and $200,” Paddock shared.

Atari 2600 Console

"In gaming, an Atari 2600 console, one of the pioneering home video game systems, can cost anywhere from $50 to a staggering $2000," Paddock said.

Commodore 64 home computer

“The popular home computer of yesteryear, the Commodore 64, is another interesting item, and depending on its condition, it can be worth between $100 and $700,” Paddock said.

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First version of Tamagotchi

“And then there are treasures from the '90s, like the first Tamagotchi model,” Paddock said. “An item that still captures hearts today and can be worth up to $300 if unopened, or $20 to $50 if gently used.”

Sony Trinitron TVs

“Known for their unrivaled quality, Sony Trinitron TVs range in price from $100 to $500 and are especially sought after by retro gamers,” Paddock shared.

Texas Instruments Speak & Spell

“Last but not least,” Paddock said. “Texas Instruments Speak & Spell, an educational toy from the 80s, can sell for anywhere from $50 to $300, proving that vintage doesn’t always mean outdated.”

Where can I sell vintage electronics?

“Platforms like eBay and Etsy are popular choices for selling vintage electronics,” Paddock said. “These sites allow sellers to reach a wide audience of collectors and enthusiasts. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are also options if you prefer to do business locally. Meanwhile, specialized forums and collector groups can be a great place to communicate with potential buyers who truly appreciate vintage items.”

Paddock said he believes the current trend toward vintage electronics is based on a combination of "nostalgia, aesthetics and a desire for simplicity in our fast-paced digital age."

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“People find solace and joy in returning to the technology of yesteryear,” he said. “So, next time you're cleaning out your attic or basement, be careful—you might just be sitting on a gold mine!”

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