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Virus-Free Zone: How Joe Biden Will Be Protected Against COVID-19

The new administration is planning emergency measures to protect U.S. President Joe Biden, including requiring employees to be tested daily for COVID-19 and the continued use of N95 masks. More details about the protection of the new president told the publication Axios.

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Why Stronger Precautions Are Important

The President is 78 years old, so he is at high risk of contracting the virus and its worst consequences, despite receiving the vaccine. While President Trump's team was indifferent to the COVID-19 protocols, this led to several episodes of super spread. The new rules will apply to all White House aides who are "in the immediate vicinity of the president and those close to him."

In addition to protecting Biden, he and his team want to leverage the experience of fighting the virus on the front lines and insist that West Wing officials adhere to the highest standards.

How everything will happen

The new rules of conduct have been sent out to current employees who will be "close" to any "leaders" in the White House, usually identified as heads of departments such as the National Security Council and the National Economic Council.

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The guide also contains the prospect that some West Wing aides will soon become eligible for vaccinations.

"Those who have not yet grafted," says the manual, "we will contact in the coming days and provide information on how to do this."

The new rules will have the greatest impact in the West Wing, where employees are in close proximity to the Oval Office. The email instructs employees to stay 6 feet (1,8 m) apart at all times. This means that only a few employees will work in the offices.

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Fifteen-minute rapid antigen tests will be performed at the White House medical office, and staff who need to visit the White House regularly will be offered a testing schedule. Now, many of Biden's assistants work from home.

“The Biden White House will follow public health guidelines that will ensure the safety of all employees during a pandemic,” an administration official said.

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