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8 stars who promised but did not leave the USA after trump's victory

Photo: Depositphoto

Photo: Depositphoto

Even on the eve of the US presidential election, two dozen American celebrities publicly promised - if Donald Trump wins the election - they will leave the United States and go to Canada. Trump won. The inauguration will take place in less than a month. However, apparently, few are ready to exchange Hollywood for Canuda.

Barbara Streisand

“I don't know, I can't believe it. I will move to Australia or Canada, ”said Streisand after the election results became known. However, the singer still lives in the United States, and her representatives refuse to comment on questions about why the star did not keep her promises.

Brian Cranston

The "Breaking Bad" star said after the election, "I would definitely leave." But now two months have passed, Cranston continues to live in the United States and refuses to discuss the topic of moving with journalists.

Stephen King

Immediately after the elections, King complained to reporters that he was very frightened by the results of the vote and was considering leaving the country. “I'm thinking of moving to Canada, not far from Maine,” he said then. The move has not yet taken place.


The actress and host of The View talked to move to Canada. “If the Republican wins, I will move to Canada with my whole family. I already bought a ticket, ”she told The View. In fact, the TV presenter did not lie - she really went to Canada after the elections, filmed an episode for her show and ... returned.

Chelsea Handler

Before the elections, Handler said that she could leave for Canada or Spain. “I do buy a house in another country - just in case,” she said on Live With Kelly and Michael. The real estate, apparently, is still empty. Chelsea continues to film their talk show.

Chloe Sevigny

When asked where she would move if Trump won, the American actress of French origin and the former model answered simply: “Nova Scotia”. However, the journalists did not find out any other details. And the assistants of Sevigny do not explain why the actress has not left yet.

Snoop Dogg

Immediately after the election, the singer posted a photo of Toronto on Instagram and wrote that he was going to buy property in this city. It is not difficult to guess that the move has not yet taken place.

Neve Campbell

The actress, remembered for her role in the TV series House of Cards, promised to move to Canada. “His honesty is terrifying,” she told the Huffington Post. Campbell is the only one who has a real chance of moving. She herself is from Canada, she has a lot in common with this country. “Let's assume she's just going,” jokes BuzzFeed.

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