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The winter storm intensifies: even more rain, snow, and gusts of wind up to 136 km per hour

Rain, snow and icy rain will accompany millions of travelers this weekend. The whole blame is the winter storm that moves through the Midwest and the northeast.

Photo: video screenshot CNN

Meteorologist CNN Haley Brink said that over 40 million people from California to Maine were threatened by the winter weather on Saturday, November 30.

According to Brink, the winter storm, which was previously located above the central part of the United States, brought with it heavy snowfall to the northern plains and the Midwest.

She added that strong wind warnings and recommendations in this regard cover 20 million people from New Mexico to Nebraska, where wind power can increase to 85 miles per hour (136,7 km / h).

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On Sunday, the storm is expected to move northeast, bringing heavy snow to the interior of New England, and a mixture of rain and snow to the coastal cities.

According to Brink, on Monday in New York it is expected up to 4 inches (10,16 cm) of snow and rain. In Boston, snow can fall from 6 to 8 inches (15,24-20,32 cm) of snow until Tuesday morning.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

The National Weather Service warns that eastward storms mean that snow, ice and strong winds will affect rides after Thanksgiving on Sunday and Monday.

Photo: Twitter / National Weather Service @ NWS

According to FlightAware, by Saturday morning in the US there were already more than 400 flight cancellations and 6000 delays.

Photo: screenshot of

In anticipation of the winter weather, airlines such as American and Delta began to cancel flights.

American Airlines issued a warning on canceling flights for passengers traveling on Sunday and Monday to, as well as from New York, John F. Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark airports. Other cities in the American Airlines ad include Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Toronto, Canada.

Delta Airlines announced flight cancellation in 16 cities in the Upper Midwest on Saturday and in 22 cities in the northeast on Sunday and Monday, including airports in Boston and the New York area.

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Of particular concern is Sunday, which is projected to be the busiest day in US air travel history. 3,1 million passengers are expected to travel this kid, according to Airlines for America, an airline trading organization. According to forecasts, a record 31,6 million passengers will be flying by US airlines during all holiday days, which is 3,7% more than last year.

According to Brink, another storm that hit the northeast this week has now crossed into the Atlantic Ocean.

The West Coast will also see the effects of the weather.

Photo: Twitter / National Weather Service @ NWS

According to Brink, a new storm system should arrive on the coast in the California area later on Saturday, bringing snowfall and heavy rains.

Photo: Twitter / National Weather Service @ NWS

Precipitation is projected throughout the region from 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm), but in some localized areas, more than 5 inches (12 cm) of rainfall may occur on weekends.

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