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Trucker Winter Car Tricks: How to Beat Frozen Locks, Misted Windows, and Ice-Covered Mirrors

Despite the beauty of the scenery, winter is a challenging time of year for truckers. They have to drive huge trucks in difficult weather conditions, as well as resist other "charms" of winter - frozen locks, misted windows, icy mirrors.

Photo: Energy Trucking LLC

Over the years, truckers have developed several winter life hacks that make their lives easier. We asked drivers working for the company energy tracking, to share tips that will be useful not only for truckers, but also for owners of private cars.

Protect mirrors with packets

Clearing icy mirrors from snow takes a long time. But their icing can be avoided by putting bags on them at night. Simply wrap each side mirror in a trash bag and secure with a rubber band. In the morning, there will be absolutely clean mirrors under the packages.

Sanitizer can solve one of the most annoying car problems

If the keyhole on the door is frozen and you cannot insert the key there, lubricate it with a sanitizer. Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which will effectively dissolve the ice inside the lock.

Another way to keep your car lock from freezing is to spray WD-40 directly on the lock, but it doesn't remove ice, it prevents it from forming, so you should spray WD-40 right after you've parked your car overnight, not in the morning when everyone already frozen.

Shaving cream keeps your windshield from fogging up

Worst of all while driving, when the windshield starts to fog up. This is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous, especially if visibility is limited due to snowfall. To escape from this trouble is quite simple: apply shaving foam to the inside of the windshield and rub it. The foam contains the same components as defoggers, so it helps prevent fogging of the windows while driving.

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Driver can use non-stick spray

If severe frost is expected and you are concerned that the doors may freeze and not open, apply non-stick cooking spray to the rubber rims around each door and wipe off excess. The ingredients in this spray will help prevent doors from freezing in cold temperatures.

Insulate the wipers

Wipers frozen to the glass are a very painful problem. If you don't want to rip them off in the morning, put long socks on your wipers at night. This will prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on them, they will not freeze and stick to the windshield.

Turn on the air conditioner

Trying to cool the car when it's freezing outside is weird advice; but air conditioning is one of the best defoggers and can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your windows to clear. This is because the air conditioner helps remove moisture from the air, thereby speeding up the window cleaning process.

For the same reason, it is better not to leave water in the car in winter - it will increase the humidity of the air and increase fogging. Drinks in the cab in winter can even cause frost to form on the windows.

Stock up on cat litter

Another strange, at first glance, advice, but these fillers perfectly absorb moisture. If you leave it in the cab overnight, the windows will not be misted up in the morning.

However, safety on the road depends not only on clean windows and the professionalism of the driver, but also on a well-chosen route and accurate weather data. energy tracking regularly conducts trainings for drivers and dispatchers on work in winter, so that all employees of the company are safe.

In addition, the firm ranked the most dangerous states for driving in winter and asks drivers to be extremely careful and doubly attentive in their territory.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), commercial truck drivers account for 2,4% of all road traffic fatalities in the United States.

The five states with the most fatal accidents in winter

North Dakota

North Dakota has the highest fatality rate for truck drivers in the country, at 8,8% of the total number of road traffic deaths.


Drivers in Colorado often face icy conditions and strong winds. One of the most treacherous sections is Interstate 70 from Denver to Glenwood Springs, including the Eisenhower Tunnel.

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Truck driver deaths in Texas account for 3,6% of total road traffic deaths. The difficulties of driving in the state are associated with flash floods, which can appear out of nowhere during hurricanes or severe thunderstorms.


There, drivers have to deal with strong winds, especially in the Elk Mountain area.


Strong side winds often make truckers uncomfortable due to the vast open spaces. In Wyoming and Nebraska, the wind often overturns trucks.

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Phone (740) 240-2204

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