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Journalists offered relatives of Russian officials to go to war in Ukraine: how the 'golden youth' answered

Russian journalists decided to form a “golden company” of children of officials to invite them to go to war, reports Ukrainian Truth.

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“Let me recruit a company from the children of the elite, and the war will end in a day” - this phrase is attributed to the late General Lebed.

Journalists began to make phone calls and write to the relatives of Russian officials. None of them agreed to go to war as a volunteer, some said they would go to Ukraine if they were mobilized.

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For example, son-in-law of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu Alexey Stolyarov on the day when journalists tried to get through to him, flew to rest in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. He read the question about mobilization, but did not answer. Aleksey is married to the youngest daughter of Defense Minister Ksenia Shoigu and makes a living from fitness blogging.

Son of the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Russia Dmitry Medvedev Ilya Medvedev simply said that he did not receive a summons from the military registration and enlistment office.

Son-in-law of the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko Andrey Ugnich during the conversation, when he heard a question about the attitude towards mobilization, he simply hung up.

Andrei Ugnich is married to the eldest daughter of Sergei Kiriyenko, Lyubov. They studied together in France and now live in Russia. In 2019, Ugnich received a stake in a waste processing company from the Tambov region.

Sons of the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Alexei Gromov, Alexei and Danila Gromov, also hung up when they heard about the mobilization.

Gromov’s eldest son, Alexey, is making a career as a media manager; in particular, he worked at the state media holding RT - he headed the Internet resource “Cube”. He drives a Tesla, Porshe and Audi Q5 and owns several apartments in central Moscow, including one his father received from the presidential administration.

Son of the Minister of the Interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev Alexander Kolokoltsev said that he was ready to go to war in Ukraine if he received a summons: “I, as a patriot and citizen of my state, will always go to its defense. If I am called up and mobilized, I will react responsibly and be called up to the front. I don’t rule out that this will happen, because my family has very correct views.”

In 2021, the Project publication discovered that the family of the son of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, owns property worth more than $32 million. Alexander Kolokoltsev is a co-owner of a number of companies in the field of construction, restaurant services, and software development. Among the partners of the son of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are people with a criminal past.

Son-in-law of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov Mark Tipikin did not answer the phone call, but deleted the chat after a question about his attitude towards mobilization.

Mark Tipikin is married to Andrei Vorobyov's daughter, Ekaterina. The couple owns a mansion in Italy in the resort town of Forte dei Marmi. Tipikin traveled around Moscow in Maybach and BMW cars, as well as on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Eldest son of the Deputy Minister of Defense Ruslana Tsalikov Daniel Tsalikov said that he would go to war if called up: “There is a call, there are obligations, they must be fulfilled. Why didn't you volunteer? What do I have to do with the military forces? There are people liable for military service, and there are people with a military specialty. I don’t have a military specialty.”

He worked as head of the sales support department of the defense enterprise Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC. In 2019, his brother Zaur Tsalikov worked at the IT company Telematic Solutions, a manufacturer of housing and communal services resource metering devices.

Son of the State Duma Deputy Irek Boguslavsky Timur Boguslavsky promises to go to war if there is a summons: “Where should I go? Sit in the basement? Until they find me and initiate a criminal case? If there is a general mobilization in the country and martial law is declared, this is the last edge. I think everyone will do something to protect their lands, their territories.”

Timur has been a driver in GT World Challenge Europe and is a winner of various championships. In social networks, Boguslavsky publishes photos of his holidays on a yacht, his travels and flights on a business jet. His sister Karina lives in London, owns a hotel in Italy and is known for having publicly declared her anti-war position.

Son of the head of the Rostec state corporation Sergei Chemezov Sergei Chemezov refused to answer questions, saying that he was spending time with his family.

While the head of the family, Sergei Chemezov, runs the Rostec state corporation, which produces weapons for the war in Ukraine, his son, also Sergei, released a clothing collection “For World Peace,” promising to send all profits to the Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid.

Son of the State Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov Dmitry Nikonov said that he was uncomfortable answering questions and was glad that the mobilization was over: “I’m glad that the mobilization ended, because I fell under it. If there is a general war, I will go to war. For your country. I understand who Russia is fighting with. Why is this a question? I don’t feel comfortable answering this...”

Dmitry Nikonov is building a career in the banking sector: now he is the chief analyst at Sovcombank, before that he worked at the Russian Agricultural Bank.

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Son of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Andrei Belousov Pavel Belousov is also allegedly ready to fight: “There is legislation, it must be implemented. All. What difference does it make what you fight for? What's the idea here? If the state believes that it is necessary, then it is necessary. I am an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation liable for military service, I had no command to think about this. Why think about this? All conscious people understand what is happening. Read the state media, the leadership’s appeal.”

Together with his wife Evgenia Belousova, Pavel owns the company Claire and Clarte. The company’s website states that it is engaged in engineering consulting and digitalization, and among its clients are the state corporations Rostec, Roscosmos and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

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