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Life Kerch shooter: his father threatened his neighbors with a sword, his mother was in poverty

Kerch is still mourning after the shooting of students and employees of the local technical school.

Screenshot from video from surveillance cameras

The bloody slaughter in an educational institution was arranged by his student Vladislav Roslyakov. Edition “МК”Collected information about the childhood and the killer's family.

Roslyakov’s father, after serving in Afghanistan, drank, mocked his mother, and ran around the yard with a saber. The family lived very poorly. Most teenagers avoided the Kerch shooter: they were frightened by the bayonet that he carried in his bag.

In the house on Nekrasov Street in Kerch, where the grandmother, grandfather, and father of Vladislav Roslyakov lived, and in the house on Lev Tolstoy Street, where he himself lived with his mother, no one can believe that their homely neighbor arranged such a bloody massacre in college.

Roslyakovs lived in a remote area of ​​Kerch, Arshintsevo. Once it was a separate village on the shore of the Kerch Strait, and now the neighborhood refers to the city.

The college killer traveled to 40 for minutes on the bus, overcoming a rather vast undeveloped area.

Vladislav's childhood passed on Nesterov Street, in the house number XXUMX. Now his grandmother, Galina, grandfather Valery and aunt Elena, live in a shabby five-story building on the third floor in a three-room apartment. Near on the staircase in the one-room apartment lives father Roslyakov, Igor.

Vladislav's mother is named, like her mother-in-law, Galya. Neighbors describe her as a very thin, quiet, laconic, downtrodden woman.

“Igor's husband constantly mocked her, beat her. When Vladik was studying in the 5 class, she took her son and went to his apartment with him, ”says a neighbor, Olga Sergeyevna.

According to her, Vladislav’s father is a little afraid in the yard.

“He is very tall. When he goes drunk, we all hide, he will surely find something to complain about, he will start a row, ”a neighbor Taisia ​​says.

Neighbors remember the murderer's father more drunk than sober. At one time, according to the stories of tenants, Igor served in Afghanistan, was contused. Once, when the tipsy man was returning home from work, he was severely beaten. He fell and hit his head on the curb. Since then, he began to have severe headaches. As a result, he received the second group of disability.

“You can’t imagine how we are tired of this bad guy. Igor, as he drank his disability pension, begins to knock the door out for his parents, demanding money to get sober. Only a few days ago they called the police to calm down their son, ”said one of the residents of the house.

According to the neighbors, Igor used to run around the yard with a saber. He and his father were Cossacks, even at one time went to meetings. And when he took cold arms in his hands, the residents quickly hid in the apartments.

Well neighbors remember Vladislav himself. The boy was hyperactive. Already in childhood, tenants noted his sadistic inclinations.

“Once, wild feline cries were heard from the basement. We went down with our neighbor, we looked, and this young animal Vladik hangs up the cat, while he laughs. Then he tried the same way in the bushes to deal with the kittens, but he was stopped in time, ”said Irina Moiseyevna.

According to her, shortly after this incident, cats began to disappear in neighboring houses. And the neighbors asked the boy's grandmother, Galyu, to pay attention to the behavior of his grandson, to show him to a child psychiatrist. But she waved away: she said that he himself was growing like a rolling field, the mother also could not have any influence on him.

Having moved to live on Lev Tolstoy Street, Vladislav went to his grandparents once a month or even two weeks. To the father looked very rarely.

Neighbors say that from an active child he turned into a sullen, reticent young man. All noted his excessive thinness. But he was always dressed neatly. Often he was seen in a strict dark suit and white shirt.

“Nod and silently rush into the entrance. Now there is no one from Roslyakov houses. They were interrogated by the prosecutor's office for the second day in a row, ”said Olga Sergeyevna.

According to neighbors, Vladislav’s father was taken away for questioning in handcuffs after the search, when his son shot students at the college. Those who live in the neighborhood decided that they had found something in his apartment.

Having left her husband, Galina and Vladik began to rent a room in a barrack-type house on Lev Tolstoy Street. According to the neighbors, the conditions there are terrible. There are no amenities. Renting such rooms costs 2-3 thousands of rubles (30-45 dollars) per month. And sometimes there are allowed tenants on the condition that they will simply pay for utilities.

According to the stories of Olga, who lives next door, a day ago she saw Vladislav with some kind of boxes. Nobody was at their house. Mother and son lived very modestly and closed. But something Galina from her ex-husband still fell. When he was still working at the Voikov plant, he and his son threw 5 thousand rubles (76 dollars) a month with his son. Galina herself had a very small salary in the oncologic dispensary.

The life of a woman, according to neighbors, was completely bleak. And she began to go to the Jehovah's Witnesses sect banned in Russia. They gathered next door in a big house, prayed for a long time. What does her son do, Galina, seems to have little interest.

Now at the house where the killer lived, there are police cars. And the special services bypass the next landing in search of a cache. Roslyakov, except for the gun and the mass of cartridges, brought to college a bag and a backpack full of improvised explosive devices.

Teenagers living nearby admitted that they tried not to communicate with Vladislav, calling the guy "powdered."

“We saw something on the bus when he was going to study. He opened the bag for a minute, and inside - a bayonet from a machine gun. We decided that we should stay away from such a dude, ”said Eugene.

When asked where their neighbor could take the components for an improvised explosive device, the teenagers replied: "In Kerch, you can dig up a lot of things from the time of the war." According to them, there are quarries, a fortress, Bocharka, and "who wants, he will always find."

Near schools and kindergartens in Kerch after the incident, riot policemen are on duty. In school number XXUMX, where Vladislav studied before the technical school, law enforcement officers are also on duty. According to them, the lessons in the institution go on as usual, only for outsiders the entrance is prohibited.

Recall, October 17 around 11: 30 local time (4: 30 around New York) in the Russian-occupied Kerch occurred explosion and shooting at polytechnic college. The bloody slaughter in the institution gave his student, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov. The incident resulted in the death of 21 people, and injuries around 50.

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