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Florida residents before the storm buying goods in stores. A PHOTO

Residents are shopping for food ahead of storm Erica, which could soon hit South Florida. According to Forum journalists, in some shops almost all the water has been taken apart.

Buyers prefer products with a long shelf life: canned meat, fruits, vegetables, sealed bread, sweets, baked goods, cereals and other dry foods.

“Some shops don't have water. Yesterday I bought it at Publix, and got canned food from a Russian store. After all, hurricane season lasts a month. I remember that after a hurricane 10 years ago there was no light for two weeks. So the charcoal and grill will save you. ” - Florida resident Svetlana Klepatskaya shares her secrets.

“Targeted at Costco. I took a lot of water, as well as canned food, crackers - that is, everything that can be stored without a refrigerator and does not need to be cooked. I bought a supply of batteries for a flashlight. There was no hurricane experience yet, but everything happens for the first time in life, ”says Florida resident Andrey Stolbunov.

Preparing for the storm Photo: facebook

Preparing for the storm.
Photo: facebook

“I bought water, baby food, cookies, fruit, refueled the car, prepared documents and put a supply of diapers, wet wipes and children's books in the car,” said Marina Lazarenko, who lives in Broward County, about preparing for the bad weather.

Preparing for the storm Photo: facebook

Preparing for the storm.
Photo: facebook

For Florida residents, hurricanes are not uncommon. During bad weather, they even often arrange a “hurricane party”: they gather at some of their friends in the interior of the continent and prepare a barbecue.

Hurricane chief forecaster James Franklin suggests that the storm will approach South Florida early Monday morning. However, he can either get around Florida, or turn into a hurricane and get closer to the coast in the Miami area.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency due to the approaching tropical storm “Erica”. However, according to meteorologists, the trajectory of the storm has changed. Now it will pass almost in the middle of the state and will not develop into a hurricane.

Let us remind you that Forum has collected regulationswhich you need to stick to the hurricane did not take by surprise.

In the U.S. Florida Hurricane storm supermarket
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