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California residents warn of the dangers of a powerful storm

In the first half of Tuesday, a dangerously strong storm will continue to attack much of the west coast, which can be deadly for those who ignore warnings about the need to stay away from water.

California National Weather Service issued a warning about a very serious danger, high threat to property and life in the storm zone, writes

On Saturday, the NWS office in Monterey, California, warned coastal residents "to stay away from the ocean so as not to risk their lives."

On Sunday, the US Coast Guard closed the entrances to Humboldt Bay near Eureka, California, and into the harbor of Noyo near Fort Bragg because of the high waves.

The NWS warns that wave heights can reach 7-12 meters off the coast along northern California and the Oregon coast before the end of Monday. This excitement can lead to overflowing of water in traditionally dry coastal areas, such as beach parking and sidewalks around the harbor, and can also lead to beach erosion and damage to coastal facilities.

The warning also states, “NEVER turn your back on the ocean.”

Photo: Twitter / NOAA

About a new storm it became known a week after a surfer was killed in powerful three-meter waves on the ocean beach of Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Although the idea that there will be huge waves in the ocean may seem attractive to surfers, during such a storm it is advisable to stay away from the beaches, writes SF Curbed.

While fatal drownings are relatively rare — the NWS had recorded 97 nationwide by the end of November — the American Life Saving Association announced earlier this year that Ocean Beach may be the state's most dangerous beach.

Photo: NWS

It is expected that new larger waves will affect the beaches of Southern California in the first half of the environment, especially on the beaches facing west.

Storm waves are created by a powerful low-pressure area that moves from the Gulf of Alaska to western Canada and the western part of the United States. The storm system accumulates water from the Pacific Ocean and pushes it towards the coast of California.

The storm system also brings rain and heavy snow to much of the west coast, but the low pressure system will weaken when it reaches the Rocky Mountains. Total rainfall will typically be less than 5 centimeters from western Washington to central California. Maximum performance is likely to be recorded in the Olympic mountains and the foothills of the northern Sierra on Monday.

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