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New Hampshire resident wins $ 487 million

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30 July was the draw of the largest in the US Powerball lottery.

This time $ 487 million was raffled - the 5-th largest jackpot in the lottery’s long history and eighth-largest prize pool in US history, writes NBC News.

The lucky one who won the colossal jackpot was a resident of the city of Raymond, New Hampshire, that was where the lucky ticket was bought.

The winning figures were: 11, 17, 21, 23, 32 (in any order) + 5 (reinforcing figure). The chance to catch such a combination is 1 from 292 millions.

In total, 15 tickets were sold in the country, the owners of which collected all the 5 numbers without an additional five. Each of these tickets brought their owners from $ 785 thousand to $ 2 million, depending on the state in which it was sold.

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