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California man who won $2 billion in the lottery bought two luxurious mansions

Edwin Castro, who won the California Powerball and won $2 billion, purchased a California mansion for $4 million. And earlier this month, he spent $25,5 million on a luxurious Hollywood Hills estate. New York Post.

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The 30-year-old winner picked up the winning ticket last month and received a lump sum payout of $997,6 million.

Castro quickly bought a sprawling bachelor apartment, dubbed "an artist's dream" because it contains a game room, wine cellar, movie theater, bar, and luxury fitness studio.

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The California native recently boosted his real estate portfolio again by buying a $4 million mansion in his hometown of Altadena — not far from the gas station where he bought his winning Powerball ticket.

His new Japanese-style cabin is sheltered from prying eyes by olive trees and has stunning unobstructed views of the San Gabriel Mountains. Built in 1953, the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home is a contemporary home with Japanese influences.

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It has high ceilings, crisp white walls and minimalist lighting fixtures perfect for displaying your art collection. The living room of the residence has a fireplace, and the kitchen-dining room is equipped with Thermador appliances.

From the entire territory there is a stunning view of the garden and mountain peaks. Two of the five bedrooms have been converted into an art studio and soundproof cinema. Stepping outside the U-shaped house, you'll see a pond, patio, and saltwater pool.
More than a dozen cars can park in the yard.

The Hollywood Hills home, bought by Castro after a major win, has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two closets.

1 square meters of living space boasts panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles and Century City.

The space also includes a gym, indoor pool, cinema and sauna. The backyard also features an infinity pool, spa and built-in BBQ area.

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Castro claimed the winnings three months after purchasing the winning ticket at a gas station in Altadena, and his winnings were announced on February 14 by California Lottery officials.

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