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Living in America: a dozen pros and cons

America is ready to accept everyone, but is everyone ready to accept all its minuses and advantages? Photo:

America is ready to accept everyone, but is everyone ready to accept all its minuses and advantages? Photo:

We are often asked - will you stay in the United States to live? Firstly, according to the plan, we are here until autumn, and then NMZH (new place of residence). And secondly, although we spent 5 months here, I cannot say that I passionately wish to live here all my life. I know that this surprises many - how it is possible to voluntarily refuse to live, showered with gifts abroad. Well, if you are: without children, a hardworking specialist, speak excellent English, have good health, are not very pretentious in terms of spiritual life, but are demanding on living conditions and do not leave people dear to you in your homeland - you may well look for yourself employer and apply for a visa. And now for more details.

1 Why do you need to be a good specialist?
Because they are appreciated here and well received. And you need to get good money because in a society of developed capitalism you have to pay for everything. Prices for everything are three times higher than in Russia, including babysitting services. Hence the point about children. It is expensive to hire a nanny, to sit with the children yourself is also expensive, because at least the first time you need to work for both.

2 Pro English

In principle, I think it’s obvious: if you don’t want to be a penguin - smile and wave by the way and inappropriate - learn the language before coming to the United States to such a level that you understand the series.

3 Pro Health
Yes, of course, we all know that medicine is expensive in the United States, but we sincerely believe, after watching movies, that if there is insurance, a helicopter will fly even to administer an enema. No matter how it is. Usually, insurance will cover some of your costs. And then, it will still be a great success! In any case, you have to pay for everything you can. God forbid getting sick. A filling in a tooth - at least $ 1000, an appointment with an allergist and allergy tests - about $ 5000, a heart attack (surgery and hospital stay) will cost you more than $ 10000. There is no concept of an ambulance at all. You can, of course, call 911, but then wait for the bill. Therefore, it is better to come healthy.

5 About spiritual conversations and relatives

Photos from personal archive.

New American friends are unlikely to support you in drinking tea late in the evening in the kitchen, but will gladly go with you to football. Photos from the personal archive.

Your new American friends are unlikely to support you in late-night tea drinking in the kitchen and heart-to-heart conversations. Here, nevertheless, the "consumer society" gravitates towards more simple entertainment. But if you decide to go to football, you will find a companion very easily. And if you want heart-to-heart conversations, you need to understand that you will no longer run to your girlfriend in the next doorway. Because the ocean separates from this entrance, and you need to come to terms with this. It should be understood that America is far and expensive, you can't hit home. If something happens that requires your presence at home, you need to have a week in stock and more than $ 1000 dollars for a ticket.

But these minuses have a lot of advantages. America accepts all. Only among my local acquaintances there are immigrants without education, with a bunch of children, without concepts about English, who have found their happiness here. Because here, in fact, there are a lot of opportunities, laws act, life is focused on a person, and not on survival. Here the person and the property right is respected, it is accepted to smile unfamiliar and to be polite. And having lived here for three or four months, you can see if you fit in more. And now more.

6 Atmosphere of goodwill and courtesy
For six months, no one pissed me off, did not push, did not express any negativity. Except for the Russian store. But there, apparently, for authenticity, retained the seller of the Soviet type.

7 Attitude to Children

Everyone smiles at them, they compliment my daughter and wave a greeting. This is such a culture. No one has ever yelled at their children in public, and even more so did not make comments to strangers. And the children themselves are polite. How many times did every kid on the set tell me “excuse me” for the slightest reason! This is already automatic. And they take an example from their parents. An American mother can calmly say “no” to a child at least 10 times in a row and explain, calm down, while after the third “no,” our mother will turn to screaming, insults and threats.

8 Human Rights
Respect for the rights of another person is manifested in the unpopularity of everyday rudeness. Here it is customary to reckon with the convenience of others - do not make noise at night, do not litter. And if you make noise and litter, they will impose a fine. Because everyone has the right to sleep at night and a clean yard.

Respect for “personality in general” implies acceptance of the individual in society. As strange as this person is. Incredible fashionistas or freaks here do not shock anyone, but live their own lives without causing censure from others.

9 Life for people

Respect is also found at the household level: if the road is being repaired, then the detour is carefully thought out; if the road is being built, then it is flat and with markings; if it is dark, the lights are on; if there are 10 doors in the mall, then they are all open. You feel like a person, not a overcomer of obstacles. This is especially true for people with disabilities. For those who move in wheelchairs, life is organized very thoughtfully - there are special congresses everywhere, the ability to enter and leave without problems and outside help.

10 Pleasant little things

They are everywhere: drying machines, food waste disposers, dressing rooms instead of wardrobes, liquid for disinfecting hands in the meat section. All this stuff, but so convenient and so nice to understand that the country is focused on your comfort.

True, all this will later be reflected in the invoice?. And then ... see item 1.

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