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Zhirinovsky wants to return Poland and Finland to Russia

Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that Russia should return the territories that belonged to it before 1917.

“If figuratively, then [return] everything that was part of the Russian Empire as of January 1, 1917. Because then all the branches went illegally. After the illegal overthrow of the tsar, Poland was suddenly separated illegally, and the independence of Finland was granted by the decision of the Council of People's Commissars, the Soviet government. But it did not have the right to make such decisions, ”said the Deputy Speaker of the Russian State Duma, speaking before the participants of the first international youth media forum in“ Artek ”.

Zhirinovsky made another statement about the borders. He stated that he did not object to the borders of the country corresponding to January 1 1991 of the year.

“Even if someone says that we will not succeed, because someone does not want it there, then let's at least wish and think that all our compatriots who want to live as part of the Russian state - and this wants half of Ukraine had the right to realize it [their desire] at least in the future, ”the party leader said.

Zhirinovsky in August 2013 of the year stated that the Crimea, Donbass and Kharkov are Russian lands.

Finland was annexed to the Russian Empire in 1809. In October 1917, the Finnish Diet declared the country's independence. In December 1917, the independence of Finland was recognized by the Soviet government. Poland was part of the Russian Empire from 1815 to 1917 years.

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