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The woman gave birth to a child, and a month later two more: how is this possible

20-year-old Arifa Sultana gave birth to a child at the end of February, but after 26 days she again went to the hospital, feeling pain in her stomach. Doctors have discovered that the woman is pregnant with twins that were in her second uterus, reports with the BBC.

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The doctors had to perform a caesarean section on her.

The twins were born absolutely healthy and soon the mother and children were discharged from the hospital.

“We were shocked”

Arifa Sultana, who lives in the countryside, gave birth to her first child at the Medical College Hospital in Khulna.

After 26 days, she complained of stomach pain and on March 21, the woman was brought to the Addin hospital in Jessore district, said Dr. Sheila Poddar, the gynecologist who performed the caesarean section.

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“When the patient arrived, we performed an ultrasound on her and found that she was carrying twins,” said Dr. Sheila Poddar.

“We were very shocked and surprised. I have never experienced this before,” she says.

According to the doctor, Sultana and her husband are "very poor" and she "never had an ultrasound before", even before her first birth.

“She didn't know she was carrying two more babies,” said Dr. Poddar. According to her, with the help of a caesarean section, the woman gave birth to a boy and a girl.

The 20-year-old woman and her newborn babies were discharged from the hospital on March 25, four days after giving birth.

Gynecologist Dr. Christopher Enge from Singapore explained that a condition called Uterus Didelphys, where a woman has two wombs, is not as "rare as people think."

“If you go through the examination in advance, it is very easy to notice the presence of two queens. But it is clear that in this case, people were from the countryside and therefore do not have access to ultrasound scans,” said Dr. Christopher Enge from the GynaeMD clinic.

“It is likely that three ovulated eggs were fertilized at the same time in the fertile period, resulting in the formation of three embryos,” he said.

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Sultana said she was happy to have two more children, but was concerned that they would be difficult to raise due to her financial condition.

Her husband earns less than $95 a month, but he said he "would do his best."

“It was a miracle of Allah that all my children are healthy. I will try my best to keep them happy,” he said.

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