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A woman came up with a simple part-time job and became rich by $35 million: her clients include stars

Blake Geffen, the founder of luxury accessories rental company Vivrelle, has raised $35 million and attracted celebrity investors. How a girl turned a small part-time job into a successful business, tells Entrepreneur.

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To the bottom Vivrelle Geffen spent most of her career in public relations. She has always been inspired by her clients—founders and CEOs.

“Now that I'm on the other side, I hope to be an inspiration to everyone I work with! Being an entrepreneur means being an inspiring and personable leader, as well as being extremely passionate about the brand I build and the team I work with. Both of these elements continue to keep me motivated no matter what challenges arise,” says Geffen.

From inspiration to idea, from idea to business

The idea for Vivrelle came to fruition when Geffen was planning her 2017 wedding.

As she planned various wedding events, she wanted to accessorize each outfit with unique accessories that reflected her style. But it was nearly impossible to find high-quality options that she could afford. That's when Geffen realized there was a hugely untapped market for luxury rental accessories.

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“I embraced the idea of ​​creating an exclusive membership club that would give my fiancé (and now husband/business partner) access to highly coveted accessories! We started building Vivrelle from the ground up both before our wedding and during our honeymoon, and officially launched the company in September 2018,” Geffen explained.

History in brief

The couple spent their honeymoon, especially their time in the Maldives, writing a business plan.

“We still joke that we skipped Bellini on our honeymoon and wrote a full-fledged business plan instead,” Geffen admitted.
The newlyweds then returned home, and she was still working in public relations. Geffen used the little free time she had to create the brand she was so passionate about.

On weekends, the newlyweds also spent time usefully - attracting potential investors and establishing relationships with suppliers and partners. With the help of friends who provided marketing tips, they created a website.

“We used every free minute to develop our vision for Vivrelle and bring it to life,” the entrepreneur noted.

Overcoming difficulties

“One of the biggest challenges that arose at the beginning was to show potential investors that they have reason to believe in us and this model,” the company’s founder emphasized. “Before launching the project, we said that if we could attract 50 participants in the first month, then we would have succeeded, but we managed to far exceed our goal!”

Thanks to Blake's background in PR, the couple used influencer marketing to get the ball rolling.

Geffen knew that someone known for his personal style and glamorous lifestyle would help her quickly bring her idea to life.

The company began working with such people to highlight how Vivrelle helps improve everyday life.

First financial fruits

“We are very fortunate that, thanks to our hard work, we exceeded our initial forecasts in the first month and continue to show strong monthly growth,” the businesswoman said.

The company continues to grow at triple-digit rates year after year. She has attracted $35 million in funding and investors such as Morgan Stewart, Nina Dobrev and Lily Collins. The family business continues to grow and expand.

What Geffen enjoys most about running Vivrelle is meeting customers on the street, in airports, in restaurants and hearing about how Vivrelle has brought them joy or improved their daily lives.

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The company has a showroom in Manhattan. Geffen enjoys going in there and finding out what bags members are choosing, how they style them and use them for special occasions, vacations and everything in between.

“Find something you're passionate about and it will never feel like real 'work.' “I’ve always loved luxury fashion and experimenting with my style, so creating Vivrelle was a natural progression from that passion,” Geffen said. — I am a CEO and a mother of three children. Each day certainly looks different and presents me with new challenges. But I’m always happy to handle whatever we come across because I care so much about this space and the brand we’ve built.”

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