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Pennsylvania woman killed parents and dismembered their bodies with a chainsaw

The Pennsylvania woman shot both her elderly parents in the head and then mutilated their bodies with a chainsaw for nine days, officials said. Writes about it New York Post.

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Verity Beck, 49, was charged with double homicide after police found her parents, Reed and Miriam Beck, in "various stages of dismemberment," Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said.

An autopsy revealed that the couple, both in their 70s, each received one shot in the head at close range.

“Hopefully she shot them first instead of torturing them with a chainsaw,” Steele said.

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Verity's brother called the police on January 18 to check on the health of his parents. Family members said they had not heard from the couple since January 7.

Upon entering the house, the officers were overwhelmed by the overpowering stench of decaying corpses and immediately found Reed's body, which was "wrapped in a white sheet and blanket".

“Unfortunately, they also found Miriam's body,” Steele confirmed. “There were traces of a severe injury, and a chainsaw was found. Both bodies were found at various stages of dismemberment."

Verity, who lived with her parents, used a chainsaw on her parents and placed the dismembered parts of their bodies in garbage bags, which she then threw into two different trash cans.

Verity's brother called 911 after visiting the house and noticing what appeared to be a body hidden under a blanket.

The sister told her brother that things were “bad” in their house.

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Her brother urged Verity to call the police, but she replied that she needed "more time". He left the house and called 911 himself.

Steele did not name a motive for the horrific crime, but said there was evidence that Verity tried to break into the house's safe.

She has been charged with murder in the first and third degrees. She is currently in custody without bail.

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