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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Maryland woman wins $ 2 jackpot twice in 50 months

For two months, a Maryland resident managed to hit the jackpot twice in the amount of $ 50 000.

Фото: Depositphotos

64-year-old lucky mount from Airy told Maryland lottery representatives that when she went to the Little George's Convenience Store in Westminster, the Gold Rush game caught her attention.

“Since it started recently, I knew that most of the prizes are still in the game. Therefore, I bought two tickets, got into the car and erased the protective layers in them. The first ticket was not winning, and the results of the second made me scream with joy, ”the woman said.

She erased the candy symbol and won the top prize in $ 50 000.

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“I plan to spend this money on continuing to take care of my 90-year-old family members. I also want to start a business related to caring for elderly people with health problems, ”she said.

In September, the teacher already visited the lottery headquarters, where she received her first $ 50 000 for winning the Deal Or No Deal lottery. She said her prize was money to start a project to care for older people and a training program for local students.

Americans love to buy lottery tickets. On average, each of them spends about $ 200 per year on this, although residents of some states give much more. According to research LendEDU, On average, a resident of Massachusetts invests $ 735 in lottery tickets each year, while in Delaware or New York this type of expense reaches $ 400 per year (or $ 33 per month).

According to polls, Americans reacted differently to winning the multi-million dollar jackpot:

  • 74,8% of respondents would have taken the entire amount at once, 25,2% would have broken it into several annual payments;
  • 43,4% of respondents would immediately declare a win, 56,6% would wait a while;
  • 80,1% of respondents would consult about options for investing money with a lawyer / accountant / financial adviser, 19,9% would be ready to decide the fate of the win themselves;
  • 90,7% of Americans would prefer to remain anonymous if they won, 9,3% would publicly announce it;
  • 48,1% of respondents in case of such luck would quit their jobs, while 51.9% would continue to work long distance;
  • ;
  • 63,6% would hire a financial adviser to manage the money, 36,2% would manage their own finances.

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