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Green tea, marijuana and coronavirus: dispel myths about treatment and risks

There are many theories on the Internet that coronavirus can defeat, and how to be treated. One of them is that green tea can help in the fight against the virus, and the use of marijuana, on the contrary, will complicate the situation. Is it really? It was found out in the video edition "Voice of America".

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Can green tea help fight coronavirus?

Doctors have no scientific evidence that drinking tea can ease the symptoms of COVID-19.

The source of such rumors was reports on WhatsApp and Facebook, where, citing CNN, it was alleged that the Chinese doctor Lee Wen Nyan, the first to report an outbreak of coronavirus and who died from it, proved that drinking green tea can cure patients or alleviate symptoms with COVID- 19.

Regular tea consumption allegedly caused low mortality from an epidemic in China, where it was given to patients several times a day.

As stated in the Sri Lanka National Science Foundation, the antioxidants found in green tea can help improve the condition of the body in various situations, but there is no clinical or microbiological evidence that the tea can fight the infection associated with coronavirus.

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No such information was found on CNN’s website. Experts warn that sending out such messages can harm a large number of people, as it causes them a deceptive sense of security during a pandemic.

Can marijuana use lead to complications with COVID-19?

Even irregular smoking of marijuana increases the risk of more serious complications of the disease caused by coronavirus.

According to experts from the American Lung Association, in the process of smoking cannabis in the respiratory tract there is a kind of inflammatory process similar to bronchitis. Smoking cigarettes causes similar effects, but marijuana burns at much lower temperatures, as a result of which a person inhales a certain amount of unburned plant material.

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The reaction of the lungs to it is similar to the reaction of allergy sufferers to pollen. At risk are patients who have bronchial spasms and coughing attacks, as well as those who have sensitive airways.

And since the main symptom of COVID-19 is a dry cough, it can easily be mistaken for a cough caused by smoking marijuana, which makes it difficult to make a diagnosis. At the same time, getting the infection into the inflamed airways does not promise anything but additional complications.

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