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Zelensky met with Congressional leaders and visited the Pentagon: next is a visit to Biden

On Thursday, September 21, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who is on an official visit to the United States, arrived in Washington, DC. Writes about this UNIAN.

Zelensky met with congressional leaders at the US Capitol. During this visit, unlike the previous one in December 2022, the President did not address a joint session of Congress.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rejected Zelensky's request, citing time constraints due to the busy legislative week.

In comments to the media after the meeting, McCarthy noted that the Ukrainian president, in response to a question about what his country needs now, clearly answered - air cover and long-range artillery that could hit the Russians who occupied Crimea.

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McCarthy noted that based on the description of combat conditions that Zelensky provided him, the United States under similar circumstances would not send its troops without providing more air cover. McCarthy also said Ukraine needs a plan to win and accountability.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul told reporters after the meeting that Zelensky told lawmakers he was “winning.” McCaul stressed that "most of the Republican majority supports him," but they need confidence that Ukraine has a clear strategy for victory.

“A war of attrition will not lead to victory. This is what Putin wants. He wants to break the will of the American people and the Europeans,” McCaul said.

Zelensky also met with American senators in Washington. After the meeting, he said it was a "wonderful dialogue."

“We are grateful to you, journalists, senators and everyone else for helping us,” Zelensky said as he left the meeting. He, without going into details, noted that “they talked about a lot of details.”

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the meeting “good.” Democrat and Majority Leader in the US Senate Chuck Schumer told reporters that Zelensky warned them of the danger in the absence of additional funding for Ukraine.

“There was one sentence that sums it all up. I quote him verbatim. Zelensky said: “If we don’t get help, we will lose the war.” These are his words,” Schumer said, writes Ukrainian Truth.

At the same time, McCarthy told reporters that he had not changed his position and would not support approval of the $24 billion aid package to Ukraine, demanding that the White House do more to combat illegal migration.

“I am more than ready to help Ukraine. But I know that if President Joe Biden focuses only on this, he will ignore the fact that 10 people just crossed the border,” McCarthy said.

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Visit to the Pentagon

After this, as part of his visit to Washington, Zelensky arrived at the Pentagon, where he met with the head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, writes Glavcom.

In addition, as part of the meeting, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and First Lady Elena Zelenskaya laid flowers at the memorial to those killed in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

There are no plans for press statements after this meeting.

Zelensky is then due to head to a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House, where the US president is expected to announce a new package of US military aid.

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