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Zelensky canceled the parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine: the money will be distributed to the military. VIDEO

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decided not to hold a military parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine. He stated this in his video message.

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

“Usually on August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine, we have a military parade - pompous and definitely not cheap. This year, instead of a parade, it is better to allocate this money to our heroes. And we decided to allocate 300 million hryvnia to the military. These are conscripts, cadets, sergeants, officers - everything. And necessarily - the military, who perform tasks in the zone of the joint forces operation, ”Zelensky said.

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He noted that the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine will take place "in a new format." What it will be is not reported.

24 August 2018, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, a military parade was held in Kiev. The celebrations were attended by 4500 military personnel and 250 units of military equipment. Including the people of Kiev were able to see samples of weapons.

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

During the military parade in Kiev, four Mi-14 Ukrainian naval helicopters flew by, which Ukrainian pilots managed to redeploy from the Crimea in the 2014 year. The helicopters were controlled by Crimean officers who did not change their oath. Among them - Colonel Igor Bedzai.

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Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

Photo: Olga Mikhno / author ForumDaily

August 24 Ukraine 1991 declared independence (until then, it was part of the USSR as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic). The act of proclaiming Ukraine’s independence from 24 on August 1991 of the year was approved on December 1 by the national vote of 1991. This event became a public holiday only since June 1992, when the Verkhovna Rada decided to consider August 24 as Independence Day of Ukraine.

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  • July 4 in the USA for the first time in 27 years passed military parade in Washington. It was dedicated to the Independence Day of the country.

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