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American schoolgirl stuck in quarantine in China, but found a way to continue her studies in the USA

At Springfield School (Virginia), at first glance, an absolutely ordinary lesson takes place, but still there is something special. This is a tripod with a tablet attached to it, on the screen of which you can see a girl sitting at her desk. The tablet rotates after the teacher’s movements. This technology allows Christine Xiao, currently located in Wuhan, China, to remotely join her classmates, reports "Voice of America".

Photo: screen of the video “Voice of America”

In this case, the teacher turns to the tablet, as if in its place there was a living person. And Christine has the opportunity to participate in discussions and answer questions posed by the teacher.

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Kristin Xiao went to Wuhan for the New Year holidays with her family, at which time the city was quarantined. Her plans to return for further studies at her school in Virginia were postponed indefinitely. So now she joins her class online - from nine in the evening until midnight, Chinese time.

“The Wuhan incident put me in a difficult situation, I still have one year left to graduate, so I can’t miss my studies,” says Kristin Xiao.

“This is where technology came in handy. Our school was looking for an opportunity to help Christine study while she is in China. We gathered a meeting and came up with a system that uses technology that allows students to join the class using the Internet, ”said school district head Sean Jelgat.

Kristin recently recorded a video message to her school asking him to send medical help to Wuhan, after which her classmates and school management quickly raised $ 30 in just a week.

“I do this from a pure heart, because I don’t know what they go through there, I don’t feel that fear. From what I see in China, it’s very scary that people are not allowed to leave their homes, this has never happened in America, ”said Faith Kim, a student at the Virginia school.

“Now the coronavirus is a problem of the whole world. Therefore, we must help as much as possible, ”says Joandry Santos, a student at the Virginia School.

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To send aid to China, the school collaborates with the help of the Hungarian Baptists international charity. Officials say they will send special respiratory masks and non-contact thermometers to two clinics in Wuhan over ten days.

Pupils and their parents hope this help will help improve the medical supplies situation in Wuhan.

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