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Animal advocates protest rabbit abuse in Brooklyn

New York animal activists are worried about the fate of the Brooklyn rabbit colony. One of the residents of the house at 466 Third Avenue breeds rabbits in the backyard of the building. Animal rights activists believe that keeping rabbits outdoors in any weather - even in very cold weather - is cruel to them.
A New Yorker keeps animals "so that people in a bustling city nearby have a piece of wildlife." However, animal advocates protest against such seemingly noble impulses. They believe that rabbits are in danger in cold weather.

Organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), NYCLASS (famous for lobbying to ban horse riding in Central Park), and Big Apple Bunnies (a sole rabbit organization) oppose cruel, in their opinion, treatment of animals.

“It's January and it's very cold,” says Natalie Reeves, a spokesman for the Big Apple Bunnies. "These rabbits are no more protected than dogs or cats if they were outdoors all the time."

PETA and the Big Apple Bunnies have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn District Attorney about rabbit abuse. PETA said the animals are in "dire conditions."

The plaintiffs claim that the owner of the rabbit colony Dorota Track does not provide their pets with the necessary protection and comfort.

Trek, an immigrant from Poland, told reporters that "the rabbits are fine." She doesn't see anything wrong with keeping them out of the cold in winter.
“I looked at them today and they feel great,” says Dorota Trek. “Keeping rabbits out in the air is not unusual. I look after them, give them four hours a day every day. "

She also claims that animals are not cold: they have holes and specially equipped shelters. The track did not know that animal advocates lodged a complaint with her with the prosecutor.

“There is nothing illegal in what I do,” says the rabbit owner.

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