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Salary up to $ 136 per year: 000 professions that will be claimed after quarantine

Experts agree that the economy in the post-coronavirus era will look very different. As a result, the most demanded activities can also change. Edition Grow identified 8 professions that will be relevant after a coronavirus infection pandemic.

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As decrees about the self-isolation regime are removed and quarantines are weakened, it is likely that industries requiring close contact with other people (retail, restaurants, travel) will recover more slowly than others. The rest will be able to adapt to the new norms of social distance.

According to experts, these eight categories of jobs will be in demand when the country begins to recover from a pandemic. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects growth in these areas by at least 5% by 2028. More than half of the professions have salaries in excess of $ 70.

Work in the fitness industry

Fitness instructors

  • Average salary in 2019: $ 40 per year ($ 390 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 356 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 13% (45 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: high school diploma or equivalent

Faith Popcorn, futurist and CEO of marketing consultancy BrainReserve, expects that the transition to digital, remote services can be carried out not only in medical services, but also in other individual services, such as personal training. Consumers are used to quarantining at home, and it may take some time before they are ready to return to the gym.

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According to Popcorn, virtual personal training will be in demand, because they can create a one-on-one atmosphere, more reminiscent of a one-on-one experience with a personal trainer than going to the gym.

Jobs in the supply chain: drivers, logisticians

Drivers of heavy vehicles and tractors

  • Average salary in 2019: $ 45 per year ($ 260 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 1 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 5% (99 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: higher


  • Average salary in 2019: $ 74 per year ($ 750 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 174 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 5% (8 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor

Jobs in the supply chain are among the most sought after during the pandemic, as more and more people choose to shop online rather than go to the store. This may continue for some time, as many consumers will be afraid to gather in public places even after quarantine is lifted.

“As supply chains open up, we expect more demand for truck drivers and delivery personnel, as well as more logistics and some manufacturing,” said Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster.

While the average delivery driver earned $ 32 in 020, almost $ 2019 less than the average for all long-haul truck drivers.

Health work

Registered Nurses

  • Average wages in 2019: $ 73 per year ($ 300 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 3 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 12% (371 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor

Medical assistants

  • Average salary in 2019: $ 112 per year ($ 260 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 118
  • Expected growth by 2028: 31% (37 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Master

Anesthetists-Nurses and Midwives-Nurses

  • Average wages in 2019: $ 115 per year ($ 800 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 240
  • Expected growth by 2028: 26% (62 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Master

Demand Nurses and medical assistants were already on the rise before the advent of coronavirus. This is due to the popularity of group health care, which the National Academy of Medicine defines as “the provision of health services to individuals, families or their communities by at least two health care providers”.

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This trend has created many jobs for nurses and assistant physicians who perform routine medical work checking the physical condition of patients, and also work with doctors to develop treatment regimens.

Work in software

Software developers

  • Average salary in 2018: $ 105 per year ($ 590 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 1 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 21% (284 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor

According to a March poll conducted by Monster, nearly 6 out of 10 employers would consider changing their home work policies if their employees could maintain productivity during a pandemic.

In order for employees to do their work from home, it is necessary to create and maintain software. As demand for these services grows, so will jobs in this area.

Work in marketing

Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Managers

  • Average salary in 2019: $ 135 per year ($ 900 per hour)
  • Number of employees in 2018: 286 people
  • Expected growth by 2028: 8% (21 jobs)
  • Compulsory education: Bachelor

Even before the pandemic, it was expected that the number of jobs in the field of marketing would grow at a significant pace over the next decade. These workers have many skills that can be used in different industries, which is especially useful because some industries are flourishing and others are recovering more slowly.

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