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The salary is more than $ 100 thousand and there is almost no competition: 13 in-demand professions in the USA

Since the start of the pandemic in early March, millions of Americans have been out of work due to budget cuts, office closures and changes in industry demand. While the retail, travel and restaurant industries have been hit hard by Covid-19, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that health, computing and information technology employment is expected to grow 15% and 11%, respectively, by 2029. Writes about it CNBC.

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In addition to the high demand for jobs in these industries, data from job search site Glassdoor showed that many healthcare and technology workers are earning six figures, and there is little competition for these jobs.

Low competition, as defined by Glassdoor, includes jobs that have fewer applicants compared to the number of job openings.

When compiling a list of 13 professions where they receive more than $ 100 per year with the least competition, Glassdoor looked at professions on its platform where there were at least 000 active vacancies as of August 17. Many of these positions have few applicants, as candidates require a degree and significant training to qualify for the position.

1. Surgeon

  • Median Base Salary: $ 308
  • Number of Job Openings: 3

2. Psychiatrist

  • Median Base Salary: $ 233
  • Number of Job Openings: 4

3. Optometrist

  • Median Base Salary: $ 120
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

4. Cardiologist

  • Median Base Salary: $ 384
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

5. Tax manager

  • Median Base Salary: $ 116
  • Number of Job Openings: 3

6. Primary care physician

  • Median Base Salary: $ 202393
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

7. Pediatrician

  • Median Base Salary: $ 182
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

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8. Medical manager

  • Median Base Salary: $ 192
  • Number of Job Openings: 2

9. Software developer

  • Median Base Salary: $ 123
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

10. Dentist

  • Median Base Salary: $ 146
  • Number of Job Openings: 3

11. Database developer

  • Median Base Salary: $ 115
  • Number of Job Openings: 1

12. Architect

  • Median Base Salary: $ 101
  • Number of Job Openings: 3

13. Cloud Engineer

  • Median Base Salary: $ 104
  • Number of Job Openings: 2
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