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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Earned by ordering your own pizza: as the owner of a restaurant in the USA taught a delivery service

The owner of a pizzeria chain in the United States decided to outsmart the Doordash delivery service, which sells dishes from its restaurants without the consent of the owner, writes Inc.Russia.

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This story was told in a blog by a friend of an entrepreneur. The name of the restaurant chain remains unknown. One of the days, the owner of the pizzeria chain noticed that calls from customers began to arrive on the hotline of his establishments — all of them were unhappy with the delivery.

At the same time, the network never delivered its dishes and did not cooperate with aggregators. Upon learning that Doordash is engaged in the delivery of his pizza, the businessman decided to see how their system works. It turned out that in the application, the cost of his pizzas was underestimated.

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For example, if a pizza in a restaurant cost $ 24, then Doordash sold it for $ 16. The pricing policy of the service may be determined by its scale - Doordash revenue for 2019 reached $ 900 million. Perhaps the service needs delivery from certain restaurants to increase customer loyalty. Or it was just a technical error.

However, delivery, bypassing the network’s management, negatively affected the image of pizzerias: for example, people complained that the dishes came cold. Instead of dealing with Doordash, the restaurant owner and his friends decided to take a lesson on the service.

First they ordered 10 pizzas through Doordash. Their plan was that if a service buys pizza from a restaurant for $ 24, and in the application it sells for $ 16, then the owner, having placed an order with himself, will be able to “earn” $ 8 from each pizza. And so it happened.

The entrepreneur made an order for $ 160 through Doordash and paid for it with his credit card. After a while, a courier came to his pizzeria and bought pizzas for $ 240, - as a result, the restaurant turned out to be a plus. Friends performed a similar operation several more times.

As a result, the service did not calculate this scheme. Later it turned out that the pizza chain was on the Doordash test list - with its help, the service checks the demand and decides which cafes to work with. In this case, delivery takes place without the knowledge of the restaurant owners.

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