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Cookie note and slot machine at the airport: two big jackpots hit in the USA in a week

When Florida resident Ernesto Sorzano took fried rice and shrimp from a Chinese takeout restaurant, he received a fortune cookie that changed his life. CNN.

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Sorzano, who is in the process of relocating to Huntersville, North Carolina, used a fortune cookie set from a fortune cookie to buy a North Carolina Powerball lottery ticket.

North Carolina Lottery officials said Sorzano's numbers matched the four white balls, which earned him $ 50, but they say the prize increased to $ 000 because he bought a Power-play ticket for $ 500.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million, according to lottery officials.

“It was a good investment,” Sorzano said.

On Monday February 22nd, Sorzano of Estero, Florida took home $ 353 after taxes. The future North Carolina resident said he still doesn't believe in his luck and is going to use the money to buy a home in Huntersville.

“Incredible,” Sorzano said. "I'm just very glad that my dreams have come true."

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Tourist hit the jackpot at the slot machine at the airport

Tourists regularly send leftover money to the luxury slot machines at the gate at Las Vegas airport while waiting to fly home - a last hurray before returning to reality. Sometimes the bet bears great rewards, writes USA Today.

On Thursday, February 25, a Texas woman won a $ 302 jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine in Hall B, where Southwest Airlines is based.

The airport has 1400 slot machines in the baggage claim and boarding area to tempt travelers who come and go, but only 500 of them are in operation today due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A video of the winner's reaction, posted on Twitter by Las Vegas Locally, went viral.

Las Vegas International Airport McCarran congratulated her on Twitter.

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Social media reactions to her victory ranged from envy ("I put $ 200 in this slot just a few days ago. Happy to be able to contribute") to questions about whether the lucky winner canceled her flight and stayed in Las Vegas.

The jackpot of $ 302 is not a record for an airport. The record jackpot is $ 000 million, according to airport spokeswoman Christine Cruz. In July, a California guest won $ 3,96.

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