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Locked in the closet and tied the laces around his neck: in Texas, the owner of a kindergarten was arrested

The owner of a kindergarten in Mesquite, Texas, was arrested after it became clear that she had abused children left in her care - including keeping them in locked cabinets for several hours in a row, pumping up incomprehensible substances and pulling the laces on the neck.

Photo: Dallas County Jail

60-year-old Rebecca Anderson was charged with nine counts implying an intentional threat to the well-being of the child, writes Mirror. The crimes of the owner of the kindergarten became known after one of the anxious fathers installed a hidden camera in the car seat of his six-month-old son.

After reviewing the record, the father immediately called the police. Anderson was arrested almost immediately.

The video shows how Anderson pulls the boy out of his car seat and gives him an incomprehensible substance from a plastic syringe. She also grabbed and dragged the child, pulling on the bib-bib around his neck so that the lace stuck into the skin.

Photo: Google Maps

When the police arrived at Becky's Day Care, which the woman organized in her own home, three more children were found there, hidden and locked in car chairs in the closets of her master bedroom, and another child in the master bathroom. Laces were tied around the children's necks, which the officers had to urgently cut.

The police asked Anderson how many children are in her house. The woman lied, saying that there were only five of them. But after a couple of minutes, the officers found four more. Later, Anderson admitted that she sometimes left children in car seats for seven hours a day.

Recall that in July of this year, 43-year-old Ukrainian Natalia Kariya, the owner of a kindergarten in Minneapolis, was sentenced to 10 probation years for attempting to kill an 16 month old boy. The woman tried to hang the child in the basement on a loop, which she made with her own hands.

Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

According to the criminal case, one of the parents brought her son to the house of Caria, she took him to the basement, where a man saw a young child hanging in a loop. He grabbed the baby and jumped out of the house, hurried to the hospital. 16-month-old boy survived. Kariya tried to escape from the crime scene by car and hit three people during this. The police arrested her, finding a bridge on the overpass, from where the woman was about to jump off the highway.

Judge Jay Kuam agreed with the assessment of medical experts that a woman has a “low risk” of repeated crime. He called her actions a coincidence of factors that are unlikely to ever happen again. Attorney Brockton Hunter expressed his gratitude on behalf of Caria. He said that Kariya, who spent 20 months in prison since the incident, will leave the prison no later than Tuesday. The woman promised to pass a trial period and said in court that she was glad that no one had died.

Prosecutor Christina Warren insisted on imprisonment. Warren expressed doubt that Kariya could be properly controlled outside the prison and that the woman would receive the necessary care to regain her mental health. In a court statement, Warren wrote that instead of being a man more than any other seeking to protect a child from harm, Kariya left him hanging in a loop in the basement.

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