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'Are you freezing? You are from Russia! ': Why it is cold for our immigrants in American homes

The Russian woman moved to the United States and can not accept the fact that in homes and offices there is an uncomfortable temperature. On my blog on Yandex. Zen she told why our people are so cold, and the Americans themselves can walk in a "minus" in a T-shirt and shorts.

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“Why are you freezing, are you from Russia?” - this phrase is in my top of the hateful American statements about me.

“Why is it okay for you when you have such a dummy at home?” I want to ask in response.

Everything is very simple: from childhood, Americans get used to the fact that it’s cool at home, and in general, learn to feel comfortable in the cold. Recently, I was in Seattle and, with all my organs fading, I watched a little girl about five years old pace around the deck of a ship rushing at full speed without a hat and jacket. At this time, for you to understand, I was sitting in a glazed cabin in a winter down jacket, wrapped in a scarf and drenched in tea. And I didn’t feel like going out there.

Why aren't they freezing?

Americans do not have central heating. Although they own this great invention of mankind, they did not use it. Everyone heats the house as he can. In a private house, Americans prefer to use electrical appliances: window air conditioners or gas-powered systems. Using special air ducts, air heated by electricity or gas is distributed throughout the room. The trouble is that you can wait a long time, while sitting in a jacket and boots in the hallway, until the room is completely warmed up.

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In apartment buildings, Americans install the so-called fan coil units - air recirculation units. The payment for using these pleasures of life is very high, so everyone saves on heat. An American would rather sleep in a hat than overpay.

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It would seem that in the summer the Americans should be glad that they will finally warm up, but this is not our story. In the summer, in every room, the air conditioner works so that our compatriots carry woolen sweaters and downy shawls with them to work.

Imagine that you are accustomed to this situation from childhood, so for you it is not cold, but normal! It's as if you came to visit someone, and his house is three to four times warmer than you are used to. Surely they would have doused themselves with sweat and hurried home. For Americans, our comfortable home temperature when we walk at home in underpants in winter is the embodiment of Hades' intrigues.

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Here the picture is very typical, when at minus 10 people go in shorts and a T-shirt on the street. At the same time, the wind whistles in all directions, and the huge humidity enhances this effect a hundred times. Not one eye twitches. My classmates often come with bare calves, in shorts, in summer sneakers, although we have no California in Oregon.

Attention question: why?

Why shouldn't the government take care of its citizens and make them, God forgive me, all-inclusive heating? What, sorry or what?

No, I'm not sorry. It’s just not rational for the government. And everything that is irrational is not about capitalism. Heating many thousands of homes is costly. Plus, it's risky. What if there will be a breakthrough in the heating main? Then many people will be left without heat for a while, and time is money.

And for Americans, choice is freedom. If I'm not cold, I don't want to spend extra money to pay for utilities. Or if I even left to visit relatives for two months, why should I pay for something that I did not use? Besides, you are your own boss. There is no need to wait for everyone to turn on or off the heating there, you regulate the beginning and end of the heating season. Well, its middle too.

Do not forget that the really harsh climate is not about America. Alaska is certainly out of this theory. Therefore, in general, everyone is fine, and we, visitors, can only carry the Orenburg downy shawl, buy mini-heaters in our room and wait until you finally get used to it.

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