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Ends accepting applications for the green card lottery: have time to jump into the last car

After 3 days, the acceptance of applications for the DV-2024 green card lottery ends. You still have the opportunity to submit them until November 12, 00 at 8:2022 pm ET.

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Important! Registration takes place only on one site - The whole process is absolutely free.

You can easily cope with the application with an average knowledge of English, so do not resort to the services of third-party people. Firstly, they will charge for their services, and secondly, they can indicate their e-mail in the application and then demand money from you for the data.

The questionnaire consists of at least 13 questions. If you enter the details of your spouse or children, there will be more. Read everything carefully, check the answers and do not cheat, because any lie will be revealed during the check - and you will lose your cherished green card.

On the subject: Six popular misconceptions about the green card lottery

Be sure to list all children and spouse, even if they won't immigrate with you.

Detailed instructions on how to fill out the application correctly can be found in our material.

The good news is there is no need to have international passport. Its mandatory presence was introduced by the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. But the current US President Joe Biden canceled this requirement, which made life easier for many applicants. So if your passport even expires or you simply don’t have one, feel free to apply for participation in the lottery.

And how to increase your chances of winning, see here.

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Official notification of the winnings will be available on the website. in the Entrant Status Check section from May 6, 2023 to September 30, 2024. You will need a confirmation page number to access the Entrant Status Check section. If you've lost it, read on. herewhat to do next.

English version Program Instructions DV-2024 is the only official version. ForumDaily is working on a complete translation of the instructions, but for now, read Russian version for previous years.

Why was the green card lottery invented at all, find out here.

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