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Why i love miami

In Miami, it is impossible not to fall in love. Photo: depositphotos.сom

In Miami, it is impossible not to fall in love. Photo: depositphotos.сom

Imagine how it would feel if your whole life, including brutal Mondays, were spent in a resort with an ocean and palm trees? When outside the window is invariably bright landscapes - as if from a computer game, at a business meeting you can afford a caipirinha cocktail to "cool down", and after a working week it is normal to go to one of the most popular beaches in Florida. Have you presented?

Then you understand exactly what I feel and why I love Miami. However, these points can easily be turned into cons, but we will not discuss this now.

1. Eternal summer

For people like me, Miami is the perfect place to live. Especially in winter and autumn. No snow and slush, gloomy gray sky. Instead - greenery, blue skies, turquoise ocean, people in bright clothes and freezing temperatures. Is always. In winter, it can drop to at least 10-13 degrees Celsius, but this is more the exception than the rule. With all this, you can swim in the ocean all year round.

When you live in the eternal summer, you start to freeze already at 20 plus and keep a jacket in stock in case of a cool evening.

By the way, some locals wear uggs, hats and warm jackets at temperatures below 15 degrees.

2. Minimum clothes

In the sunny city you can forget about the three-layered winter dress code, pantyhose, boots, hats and, in general, about the autumn-winter wardrobe. Although, I repeat, the locals do not neglect warm things, even in positive, spring weather.

I hated to dress warmly in Moscow, so there is a buzz from my colorful wardrobe, consisting mainly of light dresses, skirts, shorts and T-shirts.

By the way, it was much easier to move in this regard - we did not load the suitcase with heavy winter clothes and shoes.

3. Atmosphere

Many residents of Miami (excluding those who provide services in the tourist segment) dislike idle tourists, but I now like life in a corner where people from all over the world aspire. If you leave the child to the nanny and postpone all the cases for a couple of hours, you can get indescribable pleasure at a table in a cafe overlooking the ocean or the bay.

It's also very easy to get into the atmosphere of fun if you come just to walk along the main promenade of Miami Beach - Ocean Drive. From time to time I catch myself thinking that I'm on vacation ... and my vacation just dragged on. By the way, it is because of this that it is sometimes difficult to self assemble and fully immerse yourself in the workflow.

I am sure that in winter Miami it is much easier to find reasons for happiness than, for example, in Chicago or Boston.

4. sights

In Miami, there is still a village where Indians live. Photo: depositphotos.сom

In Miami, there is still a village where Indians live. Photo: depositphotos.сom

If I have a romantic mood, I go for a walk in the garden of the Vizcaya villa, which was the winter residence of the industrialist James Dering until his death. When I want adventure, I can go to Everglades Park, where alligators live, or to the Indian village of Mikkosuki and look at the life of real Indians.

If you want to wear a dress and heels and join the beautiful, I can go to the opera or to the concert of the symphony orchestra right on one of the streets of Miami. And if the soul requires a walk with underground music in headphones - a better place than the Wynwood art quarter for this.

It's great to go to the park with your child Jungle Island or to the farm Pintowhere they are allowed to cuddle domestic goats and sheep and ride catamarans.

I'm not talking about the endless parties and meetings with different themes and orientation.

Living in Miami is great. Especially when you have time to enjoy the benefits of South Florida’s most popular city.

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