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In one day, 12 migrants crossed the US border: this is the highest number in history

On December 5, the United States set a new record with more than 12 migrants crossing the country's southern border. The publication told in more detail New York Post.

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More than 10 of them are taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers after crossing illegally between ports of entry.

The total number of migrants attempting to enter the U.S. would be even higher if the number of people seeking asylum at the Office of Field Operations made appointments through the CBP One app, which allows up to 1450 people per day.

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As of the morning of December 6, more than 22 migrants were in custody at various points along the border, straining already stretched border resources to the limit.

The previous record for the number of migrants encountered in one day was set in May - 10 people. Then migrants rushed into the country before the expiration of Tittle 000, after which the rules for processing people had to change.

Migrants who entered the country illegally were subject to expulsion and deportation, and certain criteria had to be met before crossing the border. But these measures were never implemented, and thousands of migrants still cross the border illegally every day.

In the three border states, Border Patrol forces are so overwhelmed that one of the two international bridges at Eagle Pass, Texas, was closed last week, as was the international crossing at Lukeville, Arizona.

The closure was taken “to redirect personnel to assist the U.S. Border Patrol in apprehending migrants,” CBP said.

Despite the chaos, the federal government has expanded the CBP One application from 1 to 000 people per day who can come to the border and apply for permission to enter the United States.

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Because migrants must make appointments at some ports of entry, one immigration lawyer recently said that means more people are crossing illegally between ports of entry in remote areas or where the border is not secure.

Speaking about the California border, Erika Pinheiro, executive director of migrant services at legal aid firm Al Otro, said: “Normally they can go to the port of entry and ask to be processed, but the port of entry is closed to all asylum seekers. except for those who can make an appointment through the CBP One mobile app. So they are kind of forced to cross the border illegally between ports of entry if they want to seek asylum in the United States, which creates a lot of chaos.”

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