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During the year of the war, the Jewish Federations of North America raised $85 million to help Ukrainians

On the eve of the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) summed up the results of their activities to help Ukrainian refugees and Jewish communities in Ukraine. Over the past year, the Jewish Federations have raised more than $85 million to pay for operating expenses, temporary housing and transportation to evacuate refugees, provide security, provide humanitarian and medical assistance, as well as repatriate to Israel and help new immigrants.

Photo: Jewish Federations of North America

Thanks to the efforts JFNA 500 thousand people received humanitarian aid. 700 food packages were distributed, 130 people received medical care, and 4 healthcare professionals received special training.

JFNA funds also went towards the purchase and distribution of blankets and warm clothing, portable heaters and stoves, food, flashlights and other essentials.

The collected funds were allocated to partner organizations: the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Joint), the Jewish Agency for Israel (Joint) and World ORT, as well as more than 85 NGOs operating in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

In addition, Jewish Federations of North America trained 120 Russian-speaking volunteers who worked with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Hungary, Spain and the Czech Republic.

“For the first time in history, there is a war going on in Europe, but there is an infrastructure to rescue and care for Jews,” said Eric Fingerhut, CEO and President of the Jewish Federations of North America. “This infrastructure has taken decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to build, and our organization takes great pride in knowing that our efforts have saved the lives of so many Jews and non-Jews on European soil.”

The Jewish Federations also launched a public campaign to expand the rights of refugees from Ukraine to the US, and provided a special $1 million grant to help Ukrainian settlers in 18 Jewish communities in the US and Canada.

Jewish Federations of North America are the structural basis of the Jewish community in the USA and Canada and represent more than 300 Jewish federations. JFNA raises and distributes more than $XNUMX billion annually in support and grant programs for Jewish communities in North America and Israel.

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