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In 30 seconds: Israel has developed the fastest test for coronavirus

Israeli startup NanoScent and Sheba Medical Center are testing an innovative device capable of detecting coronavirus within 30 seconds. Writes about it "New Time".

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To do this, a person exhales air into a plastic bag with sensor chips capable of "fixing the smell" of the virus, the researchers say.

The fact is that, along with symptoms such as high fever or impaired lung function, viruses change body odor and breath. After analyzing the breath of approximately 1000 Israeli COVID-19 patients, NanoScent was able to detect the odors associated with the virus.

“Each disease has its own characteristics; some are insignificant, others are significant. COVID-19 affects the upper respiratory system, that is, the nasal cavity, lungs and tonsils, ”said Oren Gavriel, CEO of NanoScent.

He explained that some studies in the laboratory and in pigs have shown that the analysis of nasal secretions can detect other members of the coronavirus family, such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, in the early stages.

“From a biological point of view, different viruses affect different areas of the body,” explained Gavriel. - Coronavirus develops in the nasal cavity. Therefore, the smell of nasal breathing of an infected person changes. "

The new respiratory test will not replace laboratory tests, but is a mass screening tool that can help people feel “confident that they can safely return to normal life.”

The test begins with a few questions about the impact of COVID-19 and the symptoms of the disease. Questions are reflected on the phone of the person who performs the procedure.

On the subject: 'Weakened version of the virus': scientists have found out how a person affects the SARS-CoV-2 mutation

The subjects then inhale through the nose, hold their breath, close one nostril, and exhale through the other into a small container called an "air trap." This trap fits into the Scent Reader, a small rectangular device that vibrates quietly as it sucks air out of the container. After a few seconds, the results appear on the phone.

Scientists from Canada, Brazil and the United States have determined the error of tests for antibodies to COVID-19. As it turned out, the probability that the test will not confirm the existing virus is up to 34%.

Experts from Canada, Brazil and the United States analyzed tests for antibodies to COVID-19 in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Japan and Germany.

It turned out that antibody tests showed false negative results in 2,2% -34% of cases. The case was better with a false positive result, where the error was only 0,3% -3,4%.

This means that after such testing, patients will not be more likely to have the virus confirmed. Positive antibody test results were found to be correct in most cases.

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