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For 15 years, the Earth began to absorb twice as much solar radiation: how it threatens

Scientists have found that the Earth absorbs an incredible amount of heat. Over the past 15 years, the planet has begun to absorb twice as much solar radiation, which is captured by the earth and the ocean. More details about the study told the publication "New Time".

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The Earth receives the energy of the Sun in order to then give an equivalent amount of energy into space. However, in recent years, this balance is being destroyed more and more - and this is fraught with serious consequences for all inhabitants of the Earth.

To assess how this imbalance has changed since 2005, researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration collected satellite data from the upper atmosphere and looked at information gathered from seven autonomous floats that study oceans as deep as 2000 meters. The scientists presented the results of their research in an article in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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It turned out that over the past 15 years, the planet has almost doubled the amount of heat it receives. Gregory Johnson, an oceanographer at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and one of the study's authors, compares this amount of heat to if every person on the planet turned on 20 teapots at the same time.

“This study shows that the entire planet has been warming up at an alarming rate over the past 15 years. We expect warming to continue but hope to slow down in the coming decades, ”wrote Norman Loeb, of NASA's Langley Research Center, who led the study.

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The main reasons for the deepening imbalance are associated with changes in cloud cover and surface reflectivity. It is also influenced by climate change, through which the Arctic ice is increasingly melting, allowing the darker ocean water to absorb even more heat. And, of course, people and "trace gases" - as the researchers called pollution as a result of human activity, leave their mark here.

The imbalance recorded by scientists, in turn, is actively affecting the rise in global average surface temperature, sea level rise and is the cause of more extreme weather conditions. And if this imbalance continues to increase, then climate change will occur even earlier and intensify even more.

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