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"I am married to a Russian": the revelations of American husbands

Many girls dream of marrying a foreigner. Some are looking for husbands from abroad deliberately, communicating on dating sites or having romances while traveling. And for others, “love will come unwittingly” - and now they are already flying to the States with a wedding ring on their finger. But why do Americans willingly marry Russian girls? How are we different from American women? ForumDaily decided to ask Americans who are married to Russian-speaking girls about this.

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Javier Cepeda, Researcher, California

At the time when Natasha and I met, she was 22 of the year. American women at this age are still like teenagers, but Russian girls seem to be intellectually more mature at their twenties. More Russian girls are more attached to the family. For example, if the question of moving somewhere far from a family arises, the Russian girl 100 thinks once, but for an American, the location of the family is not important, everything is constantly moving somewhere.

Russian girls have a more developed outlook, they know more about the world. Even they will never go out in their pajamas, without bringing the face and hair in order, and the American women do it all the time.

In Natasha I was attracted by a sense of humor, a passion for traveling (we have long dubbed each other my travel buddy). She is very easy to climb and is constantly burning with the desire to learn and discover something new. And, of course, my wife is very beautiful!

Eric Enderson, Military, California

Eric and Margarita Enderson. Photos from the personal archive of heroes

I met the woman of my dreams, the love of my life, when I did not expect it at all. At that time I experienced a divorce and was just looking for new people to communicate. We met Margarita on the Internet: at that time I tried to learn Russian, because Russia always interested me. And we talked with her on the phone or Skype every night for a year, and the more we talked, the more I fell in love. Although we have never met her in real life.

And now I was finally able to go to Russia to see her, and when I saw, I realized that we would be together forever. Another year passed, and Margarita finally flew to me in the USA, and we got married. Margarita is the same person who always supports me and does not allow me to give up my dream.

I have never met such people, maybe I just got used to it, that in America everyone does everything for himself only. And this is such a wonderful feeling when someone supports you on all 100%!

Another quality that I like about my wife is her Russian character. She knows what she wants, and she cares little about what others think of her. In the modern world, it seems that everyone is doing just that they are offended by something, but Margarita does not pay attention to circumstances. If she is happy, then her family is happy. She can take care of herself, and I like it. I have noticed this quality in many Russian women: if they want something, then they achieve it by their deeds.

Another feature of Russian women is beauty. I have not yet met ugly Russian women, and I was lucky that I was married to the most beautiful woman in the world! I don’t know if all Russian women are like Margarita, maybe I’m just the luckiest man in the world. But I love my wife more than life itself, and I will do everything for her. Therefore, if you are not lucky in love and you want to find a woman who will love you unconditionally, perhaps a trip to Russia is the best solution!



Fred MacDougal Programmer, Maine

In my future wife Yulia I was attracted by her mind, as well as irresistible beauty. I fell in love with her at first sight when I came to my friends in Russia.

I did not notice how time flew by on this trip. She was incredible! Good, smart. That day I decided that I would do everything in my power so that she would become my wife. For this, I needed to fly to Russia as many 15 times, and as a result we got married and raise a daughter.

Russian and American are very different. I think that Russians are more feminine, and family values ​​are their priority. This is a Russian tradition that I like. That is what made me think about marrying a Russian.

Robert Hargrave, Engineer, Virginia

Robert and Nelly. Photos from the personal archive of heroes

When I matured, I realized that I needed a woman who I could respect. As an engineer, I wanted not only to love a woman, but also to truly admire her intellect. In Nella, I found it all. We got married when she was 47, and I’m 49. While we were together with her, I met many Russians, but I do not consider Nelly to be an average Russian woman.

Russian women tend to take better care of their appearance, work harder, and care more about their husbands than American women.

And all these qualities are in Nella. Her wisdom never ceases to amaze me, her beauty makes her the star of the event, and she treats me like a king (much better than I deserve!). Of course, such women can be American, but I have not seen such people for many years.


Francisco Diaz, Medic, California

I cannot say in general how Russian women differ from American women: I judge only by my wife. But I think that the point is charisma. In my future wife Katya I was attracted ... a pink strap of a bra that was peeking out from under the sweater, her appearance and fervent character. She is kind, caring and talented, and Latina is just gorgeous dancing.

Matthew Richard, Florida Insurance Officer

Matt and Julia. Photos from the personal archive of heroes

I love my Ukrainian wife because she has climbed barefoot to the mountain for me. I can take her with me everywhere, and we will have fun. My life with her is much better. Julia has a stunning personality, she has her own style, I like it.

As for the difference between Russians and Americans, there are a lot of options, and it is difficult for me to summarize.

But many Russians and Ukrainians are very responsible, and are really preparing for the winter.

And the American women think that they will be young forever, and therefore detain important phases of their lives.

Here we are, Russian girls, in the eyes of Americans: beautiful, unapproachable, kind, family. In such women, men fall in love at first sight and the mountains can move to reciprocate. They admire us, because we know what we want, and we will not turn even from the most difficult path to achieve our goal.

Alas, the history of international marriage is not always like a beautiful fairy tale. Our women, arriving in America, are held hostage to the situation: the family is bursting at the seams, but the desire to stay in America is so great that some tolerate sadistic husbands, fearing deportation and police. Some do not want their relatives at home to know about their situation. And they are also very afraid of condemnation, they say, everyone will say - she wanted to stay in the USA so much that she married a rapist, and now she is crying! What to do in such a situation and where to look for help - read the article Green card hostage: how to find protection from a sadistic husband and avoid deportation.

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