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'I go to such mushrooms': users of social networks were amused by the boots of astronauts SpaceX

On May 27, U.S. astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Benken were due to leave for the International Space Station on the Crew Dragon spacecraft created by Elon Musk SpaceX. 16 minutes before launch, the flight was canceled. The reason is inappropriate weather conditions. The next attempt is scheduled for May 30. Writes about it Meduza.

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Twitter users did not miss the opportunity to mock Ilon Mask. Some were particularly amused by the fact that the astronauts were shod in the most ordinary-looking boots. There were many jokes in the spirit of "I go to such mushrooms." Why did Hurley and Benken need boots, and would they be good for walking in the woods?

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

So do astronauts need boots?

The spacesuits are different: in some you can walk along the moon, in others you can leave the station and work in open space, in the third - only fly from point A to point B.

Those spacesuits that were on the Crew Dragon team are of the latter type. Their only function (besides the fact that it is still clothes) is emergency rescue. The spacesuits must save the life of an astronaut in case of unforeseen depressurization. No requirements for convenience and long-term work in outer space are presented to them, especially since they do not need to go for a long time. However, boots are still provided for in this suit - why? There is a simple explanation for this: astronauts get to the ship on their own. And some shoes are still needed for this.

The Falcon spacesuit uses special temporary boots for this. They are removed immediately after boarding the ship.

But the SpaceX spacesuit differs from the Falcon in that you cannot even unfasten a helmet and gloves in it, not like boots. Maximum - the glove can be removed from the brush and hidden in the suit’s sleeve, but not removed from it. This can be seen on the recording below. Because of this, by the way, such a spacesuit is almost impossible to wear on your own - unlike the modern Russian counterpart, and from most other NASA spacesuits.

Is it possible to go for mushrooms in boots? Yes, it is quite. And even the legs will not get wet.

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