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It's good where we are not: what in other countries causes the envy of Americans

Everyone loves to travel and learn something new, compare cultures. Also, everyone loves to find out how their homeland differs from other countries. author of the blog “Yury Malykh | traveler "on" Yandex.Zen " decided to find out what the Americans lack, what they saw in other countries.

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Many people dream of moving to the USA and believe that everything here is close to ideal. But is it? Americans lack many things that other countries have.

“We need a cyclist-friendly environment. “I live in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, but it still doesn’t compare to some European cities,” responded one American.

It is difficult to disagree with such wishes, especially having visited at least once in Amsterdam, where most of the residents ride a bicycle in both hot and cold weather.

At the same time, cyclists have absolute priority there, and God forbid some rare motorist not to miss, let alone hook on a two-wheeled vehicle.

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“Normal prices in restaurants, which do not change when the bill arrives. For example, in Europe, if the menu says 20 euros, then you will pay 20 euros. No additional taxes or mandatory tips will appear on your bill,” the Americans note.

Understandably, no one is going to like getting a $ 50 bill if you ordered for $ 40.

“I remember I was on vacation in Crimea many years ago, when it was still Ukraine, so our bill included tax, service, and also payment for entertainment. The entertainment was some local band. And all this is very dishonest and, as for me, uncivilized,” writes the author.

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Besides, Americans would like more history: “Old architecture and history. It would be cool if there were some millennial castles or ancient ruins in the States. "

Well, yes, when your country is without history, and even built on the bones of Indians and African slaves, then you can only dream of a rich history.

There was another funny wish: someone was jealous of public toilets with doors down to the floor, not knee-deep.

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