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Halloween 2020: how to creatively decorate your home and safely celebrate the holiday during a pandemic

Sometimes, in order to truly appreciate something, you have to lose it. This adage could be the theme of 2020. We already had to give up sunny beaches and vacations abroad, concerts, visits. Halloween is ahead and not celebrating seems completely unfair. EEHealth... Fortunately, you can organize everything safely and then you won't have to give up the celebration. So let's get ready!

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How to carve a lantern from a pumpkin

In order to carve a traditional Halloween symbol - Jack's Lantern - from a pumpkin, you will need the following materials:

  • pumpkin;
  • medium tablespoon;
  • medium knife;
  • small knife;
  • newspaper;
  • medium cup;
  • erasable marker;
  • candle;
  • lighter.

Step 1: getting ready to go

Cover your work surface with newspaper.

Step 2: cut out the stalk

Cut a hole around the stem at about a 45-degree angle to the center of the pumpkin, large enough for your hand to pass through.

Attention! If the cut is not at an angle, the stalk will fall into the pumpkin.

Step 3: take out the core

Using a spoon, remove the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin and place in a bowl.

Step 4: sketching

On the roundest or most beautiful side of the pumpkin, draw the outlines of the desired pattern.

Step 5: cut out

Using a small knife, carve the selected pattern into the pumpkin.

Note: Erase any excess marker marks when finished cutting.

Step 6: highlight the pumpkin

Light the candle with a lighter and place it inside Jack's lantern. Replace the handle.

Step 7: expose the pumpkin

Install the resulting flashlight in the desired location.

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How to make creative Halloween decorations with your own hands

YouTube channel HGTV Handmade offers some great ideas for stylish and unusual Halloween decor. You will definitely find something to your taste.

Spider frame

Paint the old frame orange. Stretch the artificial spider web creatively and secure with staples in several places of the frame. Use a glue gun to attach a large toy spider to the corner of the frame. This decor looks great both on the wall and on the front door of the house.

Crow wreath

Using a 20 cm string tied to a pencil and set in the center of a piece of paper, draw a 40 cm circle. From twigs of different thicknesses tied to each other, make a wreath of the same diameter. Using spray paint, paint it black. Attach a toy crow or other dark colored bird. Hang on the front door.

"Big-eyed" wreath

Take a styrofoam circle and balls of different sizes, paint the circle black and the balls green. Using toothpicks dipped in glue, attach the balls to the circle, alternating large and small. Use a glue gun to glue the plastic toy eyes onto the balls. Another unusual wreath for the door is ready.

Photo: video frame YouTube / HGTV Handmade

Skull candlestick

Take a plastic toy skull and poke a hole in it about the size of the base of a candlestick using a hollow metal tube. Cut the top of the skull in half so you can open it wider. Reconnect the halves and secure them carefully with tape or tape. Fill the skull with the prepared plaster or cement mixture through the tube. When solid, peel off the tape and carefully separate the plastic halves. Paint the resulting figurine with a spray. Done - you can insert a candle into the tube. Sounds complicated? See the video below for instructions.

Plates with frightening drawings

You will need some plates and black and white drawings (skulls, spiders, etc.) printed on laser printer paper. Lubricate the drawing with decoupage glue, press firmly to the center of the plate and leave to dry overnight. The next day, wipe the surface with a sponge soaked in warm water and remove any excess paper. Secure the drawing with decoupage glue.

Braided web

You will need a skein of black yarn. Choose a suitable section of the wall and arrange the yarn sections first crosswise, securing with transparent tape in the corners and in the center, and then creatively braiding in a circle, starting from the center and moving to the periphery of your installation. Add plastic spiders - done!

Creepy eyes

Take some white polystyrene balls and paint them with gouache, depicting the pupil and iris of the eye. Put on toothpicks and let dry. Use thick red yarn, pulling the ends apart. Using PVA glue, glue the red threads to the “eyes” and leave to dry completely.

Face in the bank

Take a photo in panoramic mode (or just take a selfie). Add some contrast to your shot and print, cut to fit a glass jar. To preserve the photo, it is better to laminate it. Fill the jar with water, adding food coloring. Place the photo and the faux fur pieces in there to simulate hair. Horror!

Photo: video frame YouTube / HGTV Handmade

Wreath with snakes

Use a pre-made braided vine wreath and some rubber toy snakes. Weave them into a wreath, make sure the snakes are securely attached, and paint the entire installation black or dark gray with spray paint. Stylish decoration for your door or wall!

No sewing pillows

Draw half the outline of a traditional Halloween candy on a folded white cloth in four (as shown in the video below). Cut along the contour and fasten the parts of the workpiece with glue, leaving a small area unsticked. Through this hole, turn the future pillow onto the front side and paint in the desired colors with fabric paints. Fill with soft filler and seal the hole with glue.

Space Bank

Buy a pack of cotton balls and unwind them to create long fibers. Take a jar or cup with a lid. Alternately fill a small glass with water with one or another food coloring or paint, dip cotton fibers there and place in layers in a jar. Layers can be sprinkled with multi-colored glitter and other decor. Continue until you fill the entire jar or cup. Close the lid. Several “bottles of poison” can be made according to this principle.

Pinata "Black Cat"

Draw the outlines of the cat on the cardboard, cut and duplicate the blank. Cut a sheet of thin cardboard into strips 2,5 cm thick.Using one of the cut out contours of the cat figurine, form the sides from strips of cardboard for the future three-dimensional figure along it, gluing the strips with paper tape. Cover with a second cat-shaped piece and tape it in place, leaving a small hole for filling in the candy later. Make small holes in the upper part of the resulting figure and stretch the string for hanging. Cut long strips of black paper napkin fringe and decorate the figurine from bottom to top. Make the details of the face out of colored paper. Fill with candy, securing the hole with black duct tape. Done!

You can find detailed instructions on how to create each set in this video:

Halloween 2020 Epidemiological Safety Rules

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released guidelines listing these Halloween events as dangerous for the spread of viruses:

  • participation in the traditional distribution of treats to children;
  • distribution of treats from the trunks of cars lined up in parking lots;
  • attending crowded indoor costume parties;
  • going to haunted houses where people can get together and scream;
  • a walk in the hay field or a tractor ride with people who are not members of your family;
  • the use of alcohol or substances that can cloud judgment and increase risky behavior;
  • a trip to a rural autumn festival in another locality, if you live in an area where COVID-19 is common.

But all is not lost yet! There are ways to spend your holiday safely:

  • throw a home party. Decorate your home and keep the kids awake to watch movies and accompany the evening with special treats.
  • carve pumpkins! And the seeds can be fried.
  • Try alternatives to your neighbors giving out candy. For example, hunting for eggs that glow in the dark, hanging bags of candy on a tree or fence to be "picked", setting up a table in the front yard with separate cups filled with candy.
  • Take part in the outdoor Halloween parade and show off your costume.
  • after dark, leave a bag of treats or a pumpkin on your friend's doorstep, ring the bell and run.
  • arrange a “treasure hunt” in and around your home for your family members.

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If you decide to go to a party or treat your kids to treats, remember these important safety rules:

  • keep a physical distance from people with whom you do not live;
  • do not replace the fabric mask with a suit mask (or sew a suit mask from two or more layers of fabric, tightly fitting to the mouth and nose); do not wear both masks at once, as this can make breathing difficult;
  • wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds; if soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer;
  • if you have COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case, you should not participate in personal activities or hand out candy.

Remember that celebrating outdoors is safer than indoors and especially in poorly ventilated areas.

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