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Chaos in New York: city on the brink, protesters ignore curfew

Despite curfews imposed, riots in New York do not subside. Marauders continue to rob shops, and police are trying to deal with the riots. Business, meanwhile, begins to come up with ways to protect themselves. This publication writes Fox News.

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What's going on in New York

The situation in New York continues to escalate. There, as in dozens of cities across America, mass protests and the unrest provoked by them have been going on for a week.

In order to somehow improve the situation, a curfew was imposed in New York. Although the situation in the city has become somewhat calmer than in the previous few nights, many protesters ignore the ban on appearing on the street late in the evening.

So, on the evening of Tuesday, June 2, looters continued to burst into New York stores. Riots continued until the morning, although curfew came at 20:00.

A video appeared on the web that captured how Zara clothing store was ransacked at the bottom of Manhattan.

About five people also used crowbars to get to Nordstrom Rack on 31st Street and 6th Avenue. However, they were frightened off before they managed to steal anything.

As part of the enhanced measures, the police established checkpoints on the streets to block unauthorized vehicles. In some places, when protesters continued to march at night, relative calm reigned. However, evidence of vandalism reappeared in other parts of the city.

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So, a group of protesters were arrested on West Side Highway after curfew. However, large crowds continued to appear on videos made in other areas of the city at night.

One video from Times Square shows how almost two hours after curfew, large groups of people still gather on the street.

At approximately 21 p.m. hundreds of marching men broke into the Verizon store on Fulton Street and Broadway - near City Hall. The crowd moved down Canal Street and returned to Broadway, breaking windows along the road.

In a separate incident, New York City police officers in Brooklyn shot dead a suspect who was accused of shooting another person.

About 30 minutes before curfew, thousands of protesters headed for the Trump Tower in Manhattan. There they were awaited by uniformed officers and steel fences installed in an attempt to minimize robbery and violence.

Protect yourself

The flagship Saks Fifth Avenue department store on Tuesday was surrounded by barbed wire to protect it from looting.

The luxury retailer also hired private guards with specially trained dogs to guard the premises after the iconic Macy's store was ransacked on Herald Square on Monday evening.

On Tuesday afternoon, workers at Saks began attaching mesh fencing to plywood previously installed to cover the high-end shop windows. At the second stage of work, they additionally launched barbed wire along the edge of the fence.

Guards with at least seven German and Belgian shepherds, as well as pit bulls, will patrol near the department store. “With God's help, I hope they (marauders - Ed.) Do not appear, and everything goes smoothly,” one of the guards said.

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