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A giant python ate a woman alive: four children were left without a mother

The tragedy occurred in Indonesia, near the village of Kalempang. Farida, a mother of four, disappeared on June 6 while walking through the forest to sell food at a local market. Her 59-year-old husband, Noni, became concerned when she did not return home in the evening and informed her fellow villagers, who immediately began a search. The next day, they found a 20-foot (6-meter) python with a large bulging belly in the bush, writes Daily Mail.

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Suspecting the worst, the husband and several villagers cut the thick skin of the snake using a machete. Farida's body, covered in mucus, was removed from the reptile's stomach. The python bit the woman on the leg, wrapped itself around her body and strangled her, and then swallowed her. Completely digesting such a large amount of food could take the snake weeks, so Farida's body was practically intact, including her clothes.

“For the rest of my life I will feel guilty for letting my wife go alone,” lamented the inconsolable husband. “If I had been with her that day, the snake would not have dared to touch her.”

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Suardri Rosi, headman of Kalempang village where Farida's family lives, said: “The husband was looking for his wife in the nearby forest, but found a snake with a large swollen belly and immediately suspected that his wife had been eaten by a python. Fellow villagers helped him catch the snake. This has never happened in our village before. We warned everyone to be careful while walking through the jungle. It is advisable not to go into the forest alone.”

The jungles of Indonesia, unlike neighboring countries in Southeast Asia where urban sprawl has crowded out wildlife, are home to many reticulated pythons. They live in remote forests and feed on wild animals, but sometimes attack people.

The last documented case of a python eating a person occurred in 2022, also in Indonesia. Jahra, 54, disappeared while collecting rubber on a plantation in Jambi province. Two days later, local residents found a giant python with a large bulging belly in a forest clearing. The head of Terjun Gajah village, where Jahra lived, said the snake attacked her, bit and strangled her, and then swallowed the victim whole. The ingestion process took at least two hours.

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In 2018, a python ate another woman. Mother of two Wa Tiba, 54, went missing while checking her vegetable garden on Muna Island in Sulawesi province. Her sandals and machete were found the next day, and a giant python with a swollen belly lay 30 meters from the ill-fated place.

What is a reticulated python

The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is the largest snake in the world, with an average length of more than 6 meters. The longest recorded reticulated python was found in 1912 - it was 10 meters long. Reticulated pythons are native to Southeast Asia and are found in tropical forests, woodlands, and grasslands. In Myanmar they are found only in virgin forests, but in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia they even live in sewers. Reticulated pythons wrap around tree trunks and can climb trees.

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