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Explosion at the marathon in Boston: the court overturned the death sentence to the organizer Tsarnaev

In 2015, Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for an explosion at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Now the court has overturned the verdict, since the jury, as it turned out, was not impartial and was exposed to pre-trial publicity. The edition writes about it RBC.

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The US Court of Appeals overturned the death sentence for Chechen native Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, convicted of the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist attack. Now the court must decide again what punishment the criminal deserves.

The Boston court upheld most of the guilty verdict, but ordered a lower court judge to hold a new trial about how Tsarnaev should be punished for the crime.

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It was decided to reconsider the case due to the fact that the judge of the first instance "failed" to select the jury - he did not weed out those who were exposed to pre-trial publicity. The district judge claims that the high-profile case was widely reported in the news, which showed "chilling" photos and videos of Tsarnaev, as well as those injured and killed in the attack. Thus, the judge of the first instance included those on the jury who “had already formed an opinion about the guilt of Dzhokhar”.

Nevertheless, the judge said that the sentence for Tsarnaev will remain harsh. He assured that the terrorist will spend the remaining days in prison. “The only question is whether the authorities will decide to end his life with execution,” he said.

What Tsarnaev is accused of

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev participated in the preparation and implementation of the explosion at the Boston Marathon in 2013. As a result, on April 15, two explosions thundered, claiming the lives of three people, including one child; another 282 people were injured, many of them lost their limbs.

The explosive devices were made from steel pressure cookers filled with nails and ball bearings. The investigation established that the organizers of the terrorist act were the Tsarnaev brothers - Tamerlane and Dzhokhar. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with the police.

The Tsarnaev brothers - half Chechen, half Dagestanis - moved to the United States from Dagestan in 2002. Tsarnaev Sr. in the United States tried to become a professional boxer and was prone to religious extremism.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death in May 2015. Since the court refused to move the hearing from Boston to another city, Tsarnaev's lawyers argued that this deprived their client of a fair trial. The defense noted that "the pre-trial publicity was terrible." “The more a potential juror saw, the more likely he was to believe: Tsarnaev was guilty and deserves the death penalty,” the lawyers said.

Tsarnaev is currently serving a sentence in the American maximum security prison ADX Florence in Colorado, also known as Mountain Alcatraz.

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