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Recovering doesn’t mean healthy again: how patients surviving COVID-19 feel after months

Most people infected with coronavirus do not experience serious symptoms, and some do not. COVID-19 has the worst for relatively few people. Writes about this SFGate.

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Cherie Antoinette, a nurse at the intensive care unit, saw serious cases with her own eyes.

“The lucky ones, if you can call them that, recover, but not in the sense that their life returns to normal. For some of them, the consequences will remain irreparable. Their organs will never be fully recovered, ”she explains.

“When they say“ recovered, ”they don't specify that you may need a lung transplant," Antoinette wrote in a Twitter post. - Like the fact that you might come back from discharge with a massive heart attack or stroke because COVID-19 makes your blood thick. You may even need extra oxygen for the rest of your life. ”

“COVID-19 is the worst disease I have ever encountered in 8 years of working as a nurse in the intensive care unit,” said Sheri.

Antoinette’s tweet provoked a violent reaction from cured patients with COVID-19 and nurses working in the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

Here is what they wrote.

“I am now in the hospital after a heart attack due to severe blood clotting caused by COVID-19. I have a stent in my heart and I have to wear a heart monitor at all times. I now have months of recovery, including physical and occupational therapy. I'm only 29, ”wrote user Dan.

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“I suffered from acute kidney failure and needed dialysis. I now have asthma, chronic cough, and irregular heartbeat. At the same time, my case is considered a matter of moderate severity, "- shared Stephanie McCarroll.

One nurse wrote what symptoms she most often observed in patients with COVID-19.

“Everyone is so swollen that blisters have appeared on their skin, and they are so tight that they seem to be about to burst. And the skin is so dry, flaky that it must be lubricated with petroleum jelly at every shift, - we read in the post. "The skin of every person" cries "with liquid and is covered with ulcers, it just slips off at the slightest touch."

“Everyone's blood is dark and thick. I can't understand why it thickened. All have kidney failure. The urine is dark or red. All patients have abnormal heart rhythms. That is, even without major heart problems, it does not beat normally, the nurse adds. - Each patient has a Foley catheter and rectal tube due to bowel and bladder incontinence. Everyone is tube feeding. All".

“I’ve never seen something like this in my entire career,” she said.

“In March 2019, I spent 10 days on a ventilator with ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), and I am still on oxygen. Returning home is just the beginning of the next steps in recovery. Every aspect of my life has changed for the worse. Please support everyone and help those you know who survived. And wear a mask, ”wrote another nurse.

“My“ easy ”case ended in more than two months. In the lower right lung there are scars, and in the stomach and digestive tract there is a previously unknown disorder. But I cough much less and can walk again. By the way, this is the third time in two months that I "recovered". I hope this will not happen again, ”Eli shared his experience of illness.

“I am a frontline nurse and have contracted the coronavirus. I am a relatively healthy 24-year-old girl who could barely walk half the stairs. My blood pressure soared and my chest pain was debilitating. After 8 weeks, I still feel chest pain and shortness of breath. This is not a joke, "Alicia wrote.

“I have had COVID-19 for over 60 days. I am 33 years old, I ran and did yoga every day. I couldn't walk for two weeks, I only took a couple of steps. It was the worst illness in my life, ”wrote one of the patients.

He listed the first signs of COVID-19: “I woke up sweaty (usually I don't sweat at night). Light sporadic chills, but without fever (or maybe I just thought that I did not have a fever, because I measured the temperature only during the day). I had loose stools, but not much. ”

“I“ recovered ”on March 29th. I am 65 years old, I have chronic bronchitis, which usually appears twice a year. Now, after COVID-19, I have acute bouts of bronchitis 3-4 times a month, ”said Hollis Charles.

“I contracted COVID-19 in March, and symptoms of encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome appeared in May, leaving me bedridden for several days. Glad someone mentioned this. Now I know that I am not the only one who is going through this, ”another recovered person shared his story.

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“My colleague, a 30-year-old perfectly healthy man, still had breathing problems after two months. There are patients who return to the emergency room after they have “recovered” because they cannot breathe or they have blood clots. This is crazy, ”another health worker shared his impressions.

“I got sick back in March and spent 6 days on a ventilator. I still have shortness of breath. I have pains that haven't been there before. I also noticed that I don't urinate as often as usual. My legs and feet are swollen so much that my boots won't fit, ”wrote user Mellie B.

“I am a healthy, active 23-year-old person, but even two months after I“ recovered ”, there was significant lung damage,” said Lainie Whitney.

“My husband and I contracted the coronavirus two and a half months ago. But my symptoms were mild and my husband could hardly breathe. And just a month after he recovered, we discovered that he had permanent lung damage. It's not just the flu, ”wrote Sue Mia.

“I had a 'light' case back in February. There was no hospitalization. But I've been sick again for three weeks now. I have many symptoms, in particular inflammation and pain. I have no iota of doubt that this virus is extremely dangerous. Therefore, before you go outside without a mask, talk to those who have already suffered this new coronavirus, ”cautions Leysia Fay.

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