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New York exit from quarantine: the north of the state has moved to the second phase, the city is not even at the first

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Western New York entered the second phase of the opening on June 2, and the Capital District is expected to enter the second phase of the opening on June 3. At the same time, the city of New York has not even begun the first phase. This is stated on official website of the state governor.

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The governor also announced the lowest level of positive test results since the start of the pandemic. On May 31, 50 tests were conducted in the state, and less than 000% of them were positive.

“If you turn around and see what we have done with the virus, this is truly an amazing achievement, and all this is done by the people of this state. 19 million people have done what they never did before - they have the determination and discipline that I am struck by, ”Cuomo said. “We had 800 people dying in one day — we had the worst situation in the United States of America.” At some point, we had the worst situation in the world, but now we are reopening, the closing period was about 93 days. But look what we have done during this time. We have moved from the worst situation on the planet to a real discovery. That's where we are. We must be very proud of what we have done. ”

Cuomo also claimed responsibility for the opening of New York, announcing that the Big Apple will finally begin to come out of a multi-month lock on June 8, writes New York Post.

“We are on the path to discovery,” Cuomo said.

“No one has ever discovered New York in history. No one has ever shut down New York in history, Cuomo said. “That will be my moment of glory.”

The governor warned that the city would look completely different than before the pandemic.

“New York is returning to a new norm. It is safer. Reopening does not mean returning to the past, ”Cuomo said. - People will wear masks. This is just a new way of interacting, which we must observe. ”

According to the governor, on June 8, about 400 workers in the construction, wholesale, manufacturing and retail sectors in the city will return to their jobs as part of the first stage of the opening scheme.

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Cuomo said these workers would have to decide for themselves how to get to work.

“It is up to you,” the governor said about the choice of transport.

He added that trains and other modes of transport are safe.

“I don’t know if you can enforce strict social distance in buses or the subway, but you must wear a mask,” Cuomo said.

The MTA said that the transport is safe for residents of the city.

“Our transit and bus transportation system is cleaner and safer than it has ever been in history, as we clean and disinfect around the clock,” said MTA Chairman Patrick Foy.

The weakening will be gradual, and New York will enter only the first stage of lifting quarantine restrictions. There will be three more ahead.

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