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T. Rex Exhibition and Book Launch: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (February 19-21)

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What: Exhibition of works by Efim Mikhailov

When: Friday-Sunday, February 19-21

Where: Ukrainian History and Education Center 135 Davidson Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873

More: Efim Mikhailov was one of the most unusual and original Ukrainian artists of the early twentieth century. His desire to convey the world of ideas, feelings and sounds in a visual form has led to images that seem familiar, but at the same time unreal and surprising.

His symbolic landscapes, whirlwinds of musical stars and waterfalls, red-hot flowers in the moonlight and delicate still lifes were completely discordant with the work of his contemporaries. The artist's refusal to conform to socialist realism led to the artist's arrest, exile and premature death in the Russian Arctic.

Visible Music will be the first significant exhibition of the works of this artist in more than 30 years, it will feature 72 works by the artist.

Cost: Free options


What: T. Rex Exhibition

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday-Sunday, February 19-21

Where: American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024

More: This exhibition will introduce visitors to the development of tyrannosaurs and tell the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world. There will be life-size dinosaur models, as well as many different fossils. In addition, you can take part in exciting interactions and take advantage of the multiplayer virtual reality function, which will take you to the world of tyrannosaurs.

Cost: $ 0-33


What: Earth History Exhibition

When: Friday-Sunday, February 19-21

Where: American Museum of Natural History Central Park West at 79th Street New York, NY 10024

More: You will be lucky enough to see one of the most outstanding collections of geological specimens. Its exhibits were collected between 1996 and 1998, when museum teams made dozens of exploration trips and 28 expeditions to remote areas - from Indonesian volcanoes to the Sahara Desert in West Africa. Each trip included working with local experts and searching for the most geologically significant rocks. Each specimen and model has been chosen to illustrate an important aspect of the dynamic history of the Earth.

To tell about the most significant stages in the development of our planet, from its early evolution to earthquakes and storms that we face today, the hall is divided into exhibition zones, taking into account the main five questions:

  1. How did the Earth evolve?
  2. Why are there oceans, continents and mountains?
  3. What are rocks?
  4. What shapes the climate and causes it to change?
  5. Why is the Earth inhabited?

Cost: $ 13-23


What: Exhibition about feminism

When: Friday-Saturday, February 19-20

Where: Apexart, 291 Church Street New York, NY 10013

More: Today, issues regarding women's rights, the protection of the elderly, and the environment are critical for many North Americans, especially in the context of the #MeToo movement, the COVID-19 pandemic and fossil fuel extraction. In this exhibition, artists illustrated the ways in which Aboriginal people fight against unfair treatment of women. Artists turn to significant events and traditions such as decolonization, aesthetics, eco-criticism, gender, violence, and futurism.

Cost: Free options


What: Book presentation about the siege of Sarajevo

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday, February 19, from 13:00

Where: Online

More: The siege of Sarajevo remains the longest blockade in modern European history. It lasted three times longer than the Battle of Stalingrad, and more than a year longer than the cordon of Leningrad.

The reportage book on the siege of Sarajevo provides the first detailed description of this page of history and the role that journalists played in covering more than just the military aspects of that time. The publication is based on detailed primary and secondary material in English and Bosnian, as well as extensive interviews with international correspondents covering events in Sarajevo from a siege perspective. This book is illustrated with previously unpublished photographs by co-author and award-winning photojournalist Paul Lowe.

Cost: Free options


What: Workshop on the life of Jamie Gumbrell

When: Friday, February 19, from 14:00

Where: Online

More: Jamie Gumbrell was called by the New York Times "an outstanding translator of contemporary Russian literature." For her achievements in this field, she received a prestigious award. But Jamie also boasts an admirable career as a reporter, writer for Art in America and Deputy Director of Programs at the Open Society Institute in Moscow. She is a Slavic graduate at Columbia University and a former visiting fellow at the Harriman Institute.

Cost: Free options


What: Exhibition of works by Aidas Bareikis

When: Friday, February 19, from 16:00

Where: 307 W 30th St 307 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001

More: Spectropia is an exhibition of new works by the Lithuanian artist Aidas Bareikis. It will feature twenty works from the artist's current Spectropia series. This name is inspired by the work of J. Brown "Spectropy, or Amazing Illusions, showing ghosts everywhere and of any color."

The book was published in 1864 in New York at the end of the American Civil War. Concerned about the growing belief in the "spirit world" and public interest in spiritualism in pre-war America, J. Brown published a book on "optical illusions" or "after-images of ghosts" - phosphenes, internal electrical charges produced by the retina, in the hope of debunking the idea of ​​the reality of ghosts. ... Bareikis draws a parallel between Brown's "ghostly moment" and the phantom state of our time, when archaisms of pre-modern imagery haunt the "moment of the closed eye" of postmodernism.

Cost: Free options


What: Seminar "History of the 'Pennsylvania' Station"

When: Friday, February 19, from 17:00

Where: Online

More: 150-foot ceilings inspired by the Roman baths of Caracalla, travertine marble and pink granite finishes, imperial colonnades - it's all about Pennsylvania Station, which was in New York from 1910 to 1963. It was the gateway to the largest city in the United States that really made train passengers feel like royalty.

However, due to poor financial management, the worst corporate merger in history, and weak building protection laws, the source of limitless inspiration has been destroyed and replaced. This is the story of one of the greatest public spaces ever built, and how its untimely demise eventually pulled New York City together to never again happen again.

Cost: $ 10


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