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Higher education in the USA: what you need to know and where to go for advice

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An American bachelor's or master's degree, as well as professional certificates obtained in the United States, are an integral part of career growth and a high level of earnings, regardless of whether you live in the United States or not.

On the way to the coveted education, each potential applicant is necessarily faced with a lot of questions: which educational institution to enroll in, what is needed for this, how much does the training cost, are there any financial assistance programs, how to use the diploma received at home as efficiently as possible, what is better to choose - full-time or online training. Plus, you will need to properly prepare the documents for admission, write an essay, get recommendations and take into account many more nuances.

Not everyone is able to independently understand all the intricacies and features of the education system in the United States. Even for Americans, preparing for university entrance is a difficult process; for newcomers, this task is often doubly difficult. As a way out - many turn to professionals who can individually develop step-by-step instructions for obtaining a diploma of higher education, license or certificate for each.

ForumDaily with the company Global Professional Consulting, which has been providing advice in the field of education for almost 20 years, figured out how to make it as easy as possible to enter a university and receive higher education in America, as well as how to use an existing diploma in the USA.

Do not waste time

Russian woman Ekaterina Bachilo came to the USA for the first time in 2007 under the Work and Travel program. At home she received the education of a teacher of physics and computer science. During my stay in the States I realized: I would like to continue my career in the medical field. And Katya dreamed to study in the USA.

“I really wanted to do medical technology. I was interested in the specialty of biomedical engineer. It was simply impossible for our girls to enter faculties with such specialties, ”she says.

She later arrived in New York. I planned to quickly and without problems to enter the City College of New York. They demanded that they first take a course in several subjects, although the girl had already studied some of them at home. In college, Katya was asked to provide an official extract from the diploma with a detailed description of the subjects and hours heard.

The girl was confused. On the advice of friends, for advice and help she turned to a well-known New York company. Global Professional Consulting. For more than 19 years, employees of this company have been helping students get an education in the USA or apply an existing diploma.

“The employees of the company, after listening to my tasks and goals, helped me to write the necessary paper and do exactly what the college asked. I myself simply could not write such a letter - it was difficult for me to understand everything to the smallest detail, ”says Katya.

Now realizing the value of helping Global Professional Consulting, she regrets that she did not go to the professionals before, and advises friends to contact the GPC.

“If you don’t know something - don’t waste time! Contact the specialists and they will help, ”she advises.

GPC employees help anyone who wants to get or apply education in the USA and pursue a career in America. Photo by Denis Cheredov

GPC employees help anyone who wants to get or apply education in the USA and pursue a career in America. Photo by Denis Cheredov

professional help

Help with documents is just a small part of the services that Global Professional Consulting, says the president of the company Irina Kokurina. Selection of full-time study programs, online programs, certificate programs and advanced training courses from prestigious American universities, individual consultations on various issues related to training - the company's specialists cover all areas.

The first thing they start with is an analysis of the education you have already received. Based on it and your goals, the company's specialists select training options and help with their implementation.

Moreover, expert advice Global Professional Consulting - free.

If you don't have a college degree, they'll tell you where to start. If there is, they will tell you how to most effectively dispose of the already received education for adaptation in the United States. After all, not knowing the specifics of the higher education system in America, you can spend a lot of time and money on things that you probably didn't need to do.

President of Global Professional Consulting Irina Kokurina. Photo by Denis Cheredov

President of Global Professional Consulting Irina Kokurina. Photo by Denis Cheredov

Online education

One of her clients, Alena Sloten, company Global Professional Consulting She offered an individual program that allowed her to study online at a Ukrainian university while she was living in New York.

Alyona arrived in the USA 20 years ago. In Moscow, she graduated from medical school, in America she entered Malloy College. However, she began to successfully build a career in the IT field and did not have time to finish college. Later, Alyona realized that for her career she simply needed a bachelor's degree.

“I heard that you can get a bachelor's degree at a Ukrainian university while in New York. At the same time, you don't even need to leave your home - you can study online. I tried to figure out how to do this, and my friends advised me to contact the company Global Professional Consulting“, - Alena recalls.


Alena Sloten. Photos from the personal archive

Alena Sloten. Photos from the personal archive

The girl came to the consultation in the company. There she was offered to take advantage of online learning. Now she, living in New York, is studying at Ternopil Medical University and is already preparing to receive a bachelor's degree in nursing.

“I have one semester left. In 4 months after passing the exam, I will already have a diploma, ”Alena continues.

She intends to continue her studies and get a master's degree. Alena dreams to work in the field of medical services automation. Now this profession is very much in demand in the market, therefore, unequivocally, it is waiting for a successful career.

Online training programs offered Global Professional ConsultingThey allow you to get a good education with minimal financial costs. This can be either fully online training, or a combination of full-time-distance education at American colleges and universities. That is, a student of 2-3 can study at a foreign university, and then transfer to an American college.

Company Global Professional Consulting for several years now he has been cooperating in this direction with Russian and Ukrainian universities. For example, individual specialties can be obtained at the Moscow Polytechnic, Ternopil Economic and Ternopil Medical Universities. The main advantage of such an education is the lower cost of education compared to American colleges. As a rule, it varies from $ 4 to $ 6 thousand per year, depending on the chosen program.

A bachelor's or master's degree can be obtained in several areas: Business Administration, Accounting, Social Work. Students are credited to the appropriate course with a full transfer of subjects. For those who already have a bachelor's degree, Global Professional Consulting offers to complete the Master's degree program. Successfully completed the program receive a diploma, which is equal to (valued) to the American, which makes it possible to use it in the labor market.

In addition, the company's employees help to quickly and guaranteed to get an education in the medical field. If you have a Registered Nurse, then you can complete your studies and become holders of a bachelor's or master's degree - in many US hospitals, nurses are required to have a bachelor's degree.

“For certified doctors wishing to pursue a medical career, we offer an accelerated full-time part-time retraining program with a bachelor's degree in nursing - BSN,” says Irina Kokurina.

Learning is affordable

With a reasonable approach to planning training, you can significantly reduce its cost, and even get the desired diploma faster. Many years of experience of specialists Global Professional Consulting here - to help.

For example, GPC professionals can advise in addition to courses at an American college to study online the humanities (Liberal Art) at universities abroad, where tuition fees are not as high as in America. This will reduce the period of study and training costs.

In addition, contrary to the common myth, education received at home, still matters in the United States. A diploma, even issued in another country, will greatly facilitate your studies in America.

“Often, newcomers to the United States do not know what to do. Many, not knowing the intricacies of the US education system, start to study from scratch in America. Which is absolutely wrong. If you have a diploma, you need to evaluate it in order to apply here, ”advises Irina Kokurina.

Evaluation of a diploma is the recognition in the United States of qualifications obtained abroad. In fact, they check how much a foreign diploma is equivalent to a similar American one. For example, during the course-by-course evaluation for continuing studies at the bachelor's level, it is determined that you have already completed certain courses required to obtain an American diploma, then you do not need to take them again. Which again translates into time and money savings.

В Global Professional Consulting It is recommended to always apply to those evaluation companies that are members of the National Association of NACES. But first of all, potential students should decide what they are going to evaluate their diploma for, because the requirements of employers and universities may differ. This is one of the main things that Global Professional Consulting experts explain to their clients at the very first consultation.

For example, a university may accept a test done only in a particular company, or not require it at all, but send a request to the university where the student received an education. In addition, during the evaluation, it may be necessary to make a diploma apostille. It is made only in the country where the education was received. With this question you will also be helped in the company GPC.

“But the most important thing you need to know is that the education you received abroad can be used here as well,” emphasizes Irina Kokurina, President of Global Professional Consulting. - In general, our task is to help everyone who is interested in education in America. We advise people individually and answer the question: what can be done with your education for a successful career in the USA ”.

The article was prepared in collaboration with Global Professional Consulting (17 Battery Place, 1223 Suite New York, NY 10004). Sign up for a free consultation by calling (212) 581-0212 or send an email to


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