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Higher education in New York: what you need to know and useful links



Planning college entrance requires an understanding of the upcoming action. When choosing a college, applying for and submitting documents, contact the school counselor for assistance, keep in touch with him, advises guide to schools and colleges in new york.

Resume for college and employment

Regardless of whether they plan to enroll in a four- or two-year college, at work, or in a vocational training program, secondary school students should take advantage of all academic, extra-curricular, and work opportunities to prepare for independent life after graduation.

Learning programs

Schoolchildren should choose more complex courses. This will allow not only to perform Advanced Regents Certificate Requirements, but will provide the best preparation for college and professional career. Discuss courses with the school counselor increased complexity: AP courses are college-level courses in various subjects, including foreign languages, art, English, history, public administration, math, science, etc. College Now and CUNY Early College are free courses for secondary school students with accrual CUNY credits for graduation. Courses can be taught at school at the beginning or at the end of the school day.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a college preparation program; Courses are offered individually or as components of an IB curriculum and include the following subjects: English and a foreign language, social, natural and computer science, etc.

Certificate with special differences

Certificates with special distinctions are awarded to students who have demonstrated high achievements in a particular field. It is a diploma with honors, a certificate with honors in art, math or science, a certificate with a certificate of CTE.

Non-program activities

Graduates who have demonstrated an interest or ability in a particular field or activity have the advantage of entering college or hiring. Participation in clubs, sports clubs and after-school programs enriches students' knowledge and experience, expands their social circle and promotes adulthood. For information, contact the school or the site

Interschool Sports League (PSAL) is an opportunity to participate in organized sports programs. PSAL holds interschool competitions on 25 varsity sports. Additional Information:

Internship and work experience

Labor activity provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience, clarify career goals and establish professional contacts. Work teaches responsibility, contributes to the development and development of social skills. Summer is the best time to take advantage of such opportunities. In many schools, internships and community service projects are also offered during the school year. For information, contact your school counselor.



College entrance exams

At least one entrance exam is required for entering college: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT). For college-preferred exam information, contact the colleges you are interested in directly. Colleges view exam results as a prognostic indicator of future performance. In addition, on admission to some colleges provided for the qualification examinations (placement exams).


Advance SAT (PSAT) is an excellent preparation for the SAT. Pupils of the 10 and 11 classes can take PSAT once for free. The PSAT serves as an indicator to predict SAT results and identify potential candidates for scholarships.

Additional information about PSAT:


This is a multi-choice exam and an essay exam for reading, writing and math skills. As a rule, it is handed over twice: once in 11 and once in 12 class. Higher score Adaptation for students with disabilities is provided when necessary.

SAT exam at school

In the spring of 2017, the DOE will arrange for students of the 11 class to take the SAT at school free of charge.

SAT preparation information:

SAT examinations in individual disciplines

Usually required for admission to colleges with high competition and evaluate knowledge in a particular subject. Surrender immediately upon completion of the subject courses in high school. Adaptation for persons with disabilities and exemption from payment are provided on request. Additional information about SAT and SAT by individual subjects:


It is an alternative to the SAT; surrenders in English, mathematics, reading and natural science. May include or not include the written part. The written part complements the section of the English language; usually required for admission to colleges with high competition. Refine the exam requirements of the colleges you are interested in. Adaptation for persons with disabilities and exemption from payment are provided on request. Additional information about ACT:

College application

Preparation and submission of documents to a college or vocational training program requires time and effort. Ask for help from a school counselor, college counselor, or child teacher. It is often necessary to attach reference letters from teachers, essays or samples of written works, academic transcripts and the results of entrance examinations to college.

Filing calendar

Every graduate can find a suitable college. Together, consider which programs are most relevant to his inclinations and goals, and use the assistance of the school to continue the whole process of planning and applying to colleges. Before you apply, visit colleges with your child to get an idea of ​​student life. Encourage your child to use this calendar while continuing to study in high school, and contact your school counselor for more information about the college application process.

College fees

Financial assistance makes college education affordable for almost every child. Collect information about the FAFSA financial aid application, the types of financial assistance, and the average cost of college tuition.



Savings programs

Plan in advance to pay for the child's studies in college. The New York State's program to accumulate funds for tuition at the 529 College Savings Program provides significant tax breaks for families. Any relative or friend of the family can open such an account. More information:

What is financial assistance?

Loans, grants and scholarships, work while studying are designed to help students pay for their college tuition. Financial assistance, significantly reducing the cost of education, makes the college accessible to virtually every child.

Application for financial assistance

To receive any type of financial assistance, you must apply for a Free Application for Federal Financial Assistance, or FAFSA. Completing the FAFSA involves answering basic questions about family income. FAFSA and tax returns are submitted annually for the duration of the child’s college years.

You can fill in the FAFSA for free on the website. For assistance, contact your school counselor, teacher, or staff member. Detailed instructions in English and Spanish are also available at

FAFSA Changes

Two important changes to the FAFSA come into effect on October 1 on 2016 and are related to 2017 applicants. FAFSA applications will be available earlier (October 1 instead of 1 in January), and income will be considered for the previous tax year. This means that graduate students will be able to apply for financial assistance in October, submitting the latest tax return (in this case for 2015). Additional Information:

Types of financial assistance

By completing and submitting an application to the FAFSA, the child receives the right to various types of financial assistance:

Grants. Provided by the federal government and state as well as colleges. Grants are awarded based on the needs of the student and family and are non-refundable.

Scholarships Usually awarded to students on the basis of academic performance, sporting achievements, participation in volunteer activities, interests, ethnic origin or religious affiliation. Find out the requirements of interest you colleges. Scholarships are non-refundable.

Work and study. The program allows you to earn money to pay for tuition through hourly work on campus or in the local community.

Loans. A loan taken for college tuition is refundable. Federal loans are issued at an affordable percentage and on acceptable terms.

New York State Tuition Fee Program

New York State residents may qualify for this program, which provides study grants to a number of state colleges and universities. Additional information on requirements, submission of applications and answers to questions:

Components of college tuition costs

Financial considerations should not be a barrier to college. However, it is very important to have a clear idea of ​​the upcoming expenses. The lion’s share of expenses is usually tuition fees or the cost of courses. In addition, the full cost includes the following four categories of expenses:

  • accommodation and meals;
  • textbooks and school supplies;
  • personal expenses;
  • fare.

To determine the approximate cost of training in different colleges, visit the website.

Infographics: Guide to schools and colleges in New York

Infographics: Guide to schools and colleges in New York

Financial Aid Information Resources

FAFSA US Department of Education website:

The Financial Aid website of the United States Department of Education (to help students and parents):

Financial assistance to students without documents -

Understanding the FAFSA: A Guide for High School Students:

Tips about FAFSA US Department of Education -

Directory of the US Department of Education on tuition fees -

Financial Aid, New York City Department of Education -

Financial Aid Calculator -

Seven easy steps to FAFSA -

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